Messi decides an ode to football

The Argentine decided in 86 'with a great personal play a great match in the Wanda Metropolitano. Atleti had Barça against the ropes.

Suddenly the air filled his whistles. Tremendous, very high. As if Arda, Agüero and Courtois were, at the same time, on the grass of the Metropolitan, all concentrated in one player. The 17 that jumped with Barça. Antoine Griezmann. First time he met that tier that was his, which he abandoned on Tuesday with a video by whatsapp, unshaven and alevosía. His first return, on an afternoon of water, cold and unpleasant in which the whistles came and went every time he touched a ball. As soon as he rolled, Simeone carried the air knives on the grass, grieving Barça.

Atletico came out to be the protagonist with pressure, circulation and the ball. The left-handed side of Cholo was Saul, to stop Messi. Those of Valverde, a convert (Sergi Roberto) and another who is not a holder (Junior). And that had been marked in red by the Cholo on his board. The whole game turned to the right looking for superiority in that duel. Correa and Trippier to look for holes in the left-handed side of Valverde, with Morata support. Barça spent the first 25 minutes without knowing where he was. It could be Anfield even if it was Madrid. Not even Messi was

"The center of the field is full of air and time to think," Enric González once wrote. And there, in the battle of the center, Rakitic territory, the Simeone war against Valverde had begun. Sealing aisles, blinding pass lines and an imperial footballer, Herrera. How he stole, how he pressed, how he distributed, how he was everywhere, so Gabi, cholista poetry. The red and white superiority quickly became occasions. There were four in just a few minutes, Atlético living at the foot of Ter Stegen. Four very clear. But once Morata did not finish off a beautiful center and the ball was stamped on the stick. Another Felipe headed out one of Trippier. If the fourth was an almost Herrera, in the third, the João brush had been removed in a center to appear Beautiful, alone, in the area, to beat Ter Stegen but the goalkeeper miraculously took off his foot. Simeone already knows what rivals feel when they are stamped again and again against Oblak. Ter Stegen would do it again, epic, twenty minutes later, when the rest appeared, when he pulled Morata's header from his fists. At that time it had been a while since the game had changed forever.

He had done it after Ter Stegen's first stop. Suddenly Messi had woken up in the middle of a game and that was not Anfield, nor Rome, he was the Metropolitan and the Atleti was giving him a bath, matching the water trickle. Barça began to grow from the ball and possession and everything equaled. Oblak imitated Ter Stegen before Rakitic and Messi was already dancing. The rest came with Piqué nodding a corner that left the Metropolitan shaking. The break game was like those Atleti-Barça in old Calderón. Intense and unpredictable but without a goal, the lack that Atleti this year kills him so much.

Messi, always Messi

The match returned the same after rest. Barça with the ball and Messi and Suárez awake, threatening, Atlético on Herrera's shoulders. At the time Simeone sat João Félix and the Metropolitan issued other whistles. Now the bench, the Argentine, did not like the change although the Portuguese had only contributed sparks. Griezmann, shrunk, barely left a volley, far from the one here flying in cape. But he left on Tuesday with a video by whatsapp, unshaven and alevosía, and took all the goals with him. Because Atleti does not enter, even if this game played three lives in a row. Nor in this second part in which he had a counter that got tangled up, with the rojiblancos shooting anywhere but unable to pierce the net. Neither Vitolo nor Lemar improved what João Félix and Correa had been, but almost made them worse. And Mateu Lahoz, tired of getting yellow, did not punish Piqué with the second yellow for an entry on Morata that seemed

A Piqué who left with pain in the knee from a collision with Vitolo a minute before the story of always became meat over the Metropolitan. Because Valverde not only has Ter Stegen, but also Messi. And, although it seems not to be, it always is, and with a spark it is enough. Catch a ball, enter the area, wall, goal. And all the red-and-white hope to the canvas under that blackness, the terrible lack of goal.

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