Medical alarm in Barça for muscle relapses

Four players have relapsed in four months, a figure as anomalous as unsustainable. Dembélé, the last one, will be ten weeks off.


In Barcelona the restlessness has been installed for the numerous muscular relapses that have ravaged the Blaugrana wardrobe at this beginning of the course. Four players have relapsed in four months of competition, a figure as anomalous as unsustainable.

The first to suffer a manual relapse was Leo Messi, who broke the sole of his right leg in his first training of the season on August 5. When he was about to reappear, he had to start from scratch when the scar opened. After Messi, it was Luis Suarez's turn. The charrúa broke the sole of the right leg in the first League match against Athletic on August 17. He was injured again in the field of the Levant. Jordi Alba was the most flagrant case of relapse, since even the club recognized him in the official medical statement. The defense broke down against Borussia de Dortmund and a month later he was injured again in the area.

Dembélé was the last. The French striker broke his right leg femoral biceps on November 27 at the same place he was injured at the end of last season. He also fell in Bilbao. The rupture is almost seven centimeters and affected the tendon. Ten weeks off.

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