"In Madrid were Figo, Zidane, Raúl ... but I followed who shouldn't"

The striker is brutally sincere in an interview with The Guardian, in which he reviews his time at Madrid and Tottenham.

Roberto Soldado (Valencia, 5/27/1985) shows his most sincere side in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian, in which he reviews his career, especially his stage at Real Madrid. The current Granada striker, very critical of himself, admits that his attitude was not the best in the Galactic stage and that fame may have risen to his head too much.

“I weigh seven kilos less than in Madrid. I see pictures of me and I feel ashamed. I was a child. There were players like Figo, Zidane, Raúl, who were super professionals. But I looked at others ... I followed what I should not have followed, "admits the battering ram with the perspective of personal maturity.

"Everyone must take responsibility for their actions, know what is appropriate and what is not, where the limits are. I left thinking that I was bigger than Beckham. I was not mentally prepared; my head was not ready. It is difficult. I would like having had the opportunity to play for that Madrid at 100%. I look back and think: "What a kid I was." Someone should have grabbed me, slap me and tell me: "What are you doing?", he continues to remember his stage in the white club, until the situation became unsustainable and something changed.

"I wasn't taking care of myself, I ate a lot. I look at the pictures and think: how could I play with the galactic in that way? If I had taken better care of myself, I would have had maturity, maybe I would have had more opportunities. That idea haunts me. [...] At 17 or 18, at 1 in the morning someone said "why don't we have a drink?" ... and I was the first to prepare to leave. Madrid contacted My parents, my father took a two-year permit, came to Madrid and set the limits, then I moved with a friend who is now here in Granada, he was more conscientious, and that's when I met my wife, who solved everything ", account. "I knew I had gone too far, exceeded the limit. I met many people in Madrid to leave. They could lead that life because they were not professional football players, they did not have to play for Madrid. In the end, you understand:" You, go out if you want, I have something else to do. "Fortunately, my parents and my wife were there to put me on the right track. It was a good job," sentence

Another complicated stage in his career was that of Tottenham, which he arrived in 2013 after three good seasons at Valencia. "I do not regret going to Tottenham at all, and I was convinced that everything would be fine. I thought that, with my style, it would fit well, but when I went ... Well, it was quite the opposite," he admits. "If there is one thing with which I will not be totally at peace the day I retire, it is how I played in England."

Although his years in England will always keep the memory of having shared a wardrobe with one of the best strikers of recent years. "My son really likes football and if we are watching the Premier League or England and Harry Kane brand, I say:" I played with that boy. "" Yes? "He replies. I am very happy for his success, especially for the person that is, "he says before joking:" I would have liked to have waited a little (to explode). I had to deal with the 'boom' of Harry Kane. He pulled me away a little, but I understood perfectly, you could see from the beginning I saw his level in training and it was amazing I don't think there is a limit to what he can do We haven't seen the best of Harry Kane yet What if he is good enough to finish in Madrid? I would like to see it there ", sentence

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