Madrid gives champion signs

There are several incentives that remind us of the 2016-2017 season, where those of Zidane lifted their last League title.


The white fan can attest that Madrid has undergone a positive change in the league start over the last two seasons: in the previous campaign he was eight points from Barça in February and in the 17-18 he was 11 from his rival in December. And, few football players could think about the third day - with the club in fifth place and behind Atlético, Athletic, Sevilla and Levante - that with 14 games played they would have the same points as Barcelona. In other words, a better start of the Madrid club in LaLiga is not remembered since they raised the league championship in 2017.

This boot has incentives for players to dream of winning their third League in the last 10 years. A fact that exemplifies that Barça has managed to cut the distance of Leagues raised in recent years to the white team: 10 Leagues in the last 20 years and six in the last 10.

Similar records

"We won the Champions League, but in the League and Cup ... We have to improve there too," the Frenchman confessed the day he returned. The truth is that Zidane is only three points behind beating his best mark after 14 games in LaLiga: when he won the domestic competition he had 34 points

If in 2016 they added 10 games won, in this one they are already nine. As for lost envelopes, whites only reap one; while the last Madrid champion had not yet lost. Of course, this template fits less (somewhat) with 11.

The center of the field was configured by Kroos, Casemiro and Modric; the same as the current one with the difference that Valverde is being embedded just like Kovacic did at the time. On the offensive line, Isco accompanied Karim and Cristiano more than Bale himself (due to injury issues). As an anecdote, a tough match to crack for the two generations was against Villarreal; where they tied The memories of 2016-2017 give wings to Madrid after a complex season.

Another fire test for Madrid is just around the corner: Valencia, Barcelona, Athletic and Getafe, in less than a month. A complex calendar that will predict if this template really is in good health to measure up in all competitions.

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