Machín: "Madrid doesn't always win at home. Why can't that happen tomorrow?"

The coach sets the goal of "the team being competitive again" and acknowledges that from his last press conference he said nothing "that was not normal".

Lower of Ferreyra. “It was his first contact with the group and he started training this week. He did not do all the sessions, but for the next meeting we can count on him. His case is similar to that of Piatti, who tell us to be cautious. We have been temperate this week. ”

The week. “The players have responded responsibly. Working how we have been doing, I have no complaints every day. What I had to say I told him in the idea of improving and being aware of where we were and how difficult it was. It is in our hands to do it with facts, we have to prove the arguments. ”

The Bernabéu. “It would not be the first time surprises were given. Let's play a LaLiga match, it will be difficult. Our morale is not through the clouds, but we must regain self-esteem. We did very good things that didn't give us results. We must strengthen the moments in which we were competitive. It will not be less in the Bernabéu. We must be solid and compact, it is the first step that is without a doubt what we are looking for. ”

The casualties of Madrid. “They have casualties and so do we. They are important and when you are lucky enough to participate in three competitions, more injuries tend to occur. So important are his injured than ours. ”

Message from the other day. “Everything is inside the locker room. I am frank, if I said that outside I would not be professional if I contradicted myself in front of them. In the face to face we must clarify if someone has not understood. The players are receptive. I said nothing that did not see 99.9% of those who saw the meeting. The players are the first responsible, they understand that they missed a great opportunity. We had all put a lot in a game we had won and in 45 minutes we threw it overboard. Our job is to know what the causes were and try to correct it. The players pay their full attention. ”

Press conference. “Surely you like the press conferences to be followed. There are times when we should count to ten, but I'm more with some specific phrases that caught attention. If you see the press conference is that things that are not real or logical terms are not said either. What matters most to me is that the players understand why I said it. ”

Past judgments against Madrid. “It is true that I was able to beat them twice, but each game is different and in the Bernabéu the possibilities are difficult. There is no doubt that if we want to compete we must make the best of each one. We must not make big mistakes and yes there is that with the help of all we can correct them. We must be a competitive team again, we must see what we have done in phases. It is the idea I have, and it is the first step forward and why is this not the first. ”

Repent. “I don't regret it and I know I come to a great club. When they looked for me they thought I was the person who could help them improve. He came with the conviction that he could do it. The fact that players give better performance or not. The difference between templates is minimal, we take little either by dynamics or small details. We have arguments to perform better. They have shown me. We want these phases to take many minutes and should not be made easy. Many goals come by our big mistakes. Osasuna's goals are an example. So far we had competed and did not make bulk mistakes. ”

Lower of Madrid. “Any player who goes out in Madrid and more if he does not feel the owner will get his best version. Everyone gives respect. We will not have an advantage. ”

Lower of Hazard. “He is one of his most dominating players. But anyone who leaves will be, and would be a starter on any other team. Do not underestimate anyone. ”

Planning. “Madrid does not win every game and we are eleven against eleven. Every year there are matches in which Madrid does not win at the Bernabéu, why can't it be tomorrow? We have to overcome our mini-objectives that have a lot to do with our competitive level. ”

Changes. “Sometimes you want to change but there are no possibilities because we have what we have. I keep what we did well until that second part. We were ordered, aggressive, in the field of Atletico we did not tie for a decision of the VAR. We play well against large teams ... We have the possibilities and that is what can be repeated. ”

Empate in 2012. “It depends on how it was produced, I do sign it. If we are winning 0-2, no. But everyone knows that scoring outside the home is positive and in the Bernabéu more. We would value it very much. ”

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