"I learned to handle the pitos"

Bale, in BT Sport, acknowledged that at first the whistles of the Bernabéu caused him a shock. The Welshman also gave Mourinho a wink: "He is a serial winner."

Gareth Bale has learned to live the whistles of the Bernabéu. The last great whistle dedicated to him by the fans of Real Madrid was on November 23, when he was waiting for his nails for his controversial incident with the flag (that of 'Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order'). The whistle was overwhelming, but the Welshman not only did not flinch but also calmed the situation with his football (he almost scored a goal in the 90th minute and collaborated, with a great pass, in the action of Modric 3-1). The player acknowledges in an interview with BT Sport, which collects Daily Mirror, that this ability to overcome those reproaches of his fans has given him age. When he first heard them, it was an impact on him: "I think the first time they called me was a bit of a shock, surprising. I really didn't know how to deal with it. But as I was getting older, it happened once or twice. more, and you understand how to handle it. "

Knowing how to handle this situation translates into an attitude and body language of apparent passivity: "Now I just shrug. Somehow, it is the best place (the Bernabéu) to whistle for me because if you don't do a good performance , what I understand". Finally, a prescription is imposed to change the applause because of applause: "Obviously I have to keep working hard and keep showing the fans what I can do. Eventually, the beeps stop and you continue with your career as always."

Bale: green light to Mourinho

In this interview at BT Sport, Bale was asked about the signing of Mourinho as the new coach of Tottenham, a club in which he played between 2007 and 2013, and the Welshman not only gave his blessing but also assured that the Portuguese It is a guarantee of success: "Having José Mourinho there is an amazing statement from the club, I think he is a serial winner. Tottenham wants to win titles and I don't think there is a better association than Mourinho and Tottenham together to try to win some trophies" .

These statements have reopened the melon of a possible return of Bale to his team before being transferred to Real Madrid for 101 million euros. AS published on November 20 that the arrival of the Portuguese in Tottenham activated interest in Welsh. The technician watches you and is not something new. He already wanted it when he was the Manchester United coach. His flirting in summer of 2017 was without dissimulation. In a friendly match held in the International Champions Cup environment, the coach crossed the Welsh star and whispered in his ear: "I can't buy you because you don't talk." The cameras captured the moment and the audio went around the world. Days later, before the European Super Cup, Mourinho reiterated his interest in a press conference: "If Bale plays it is a sign that his plans are to continue in Madrid. If he were at the starting gate, he would wait for him on the other side." . In the end Bale played and Mourinho's dream was truncated. But his arrival at Tottenham and the wink of the player make a future union plan again on the Premier.

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