Juan Hernández opens in a call from Celta

Kevin and the goalkeeper of the Vieites subsidiary are the other novelties on the list of 18 players to face Mallorca. Sáenz, the only technical discard.

The casualties of Denis Suárez, injured, and Toro Fernández, sanctioned, have opened the doors of the Celta's call to Juan Hernández. The lorquino end enters for the first time in a list of the first equipment, objective that was marked when he was discharged in November after being fourteen months away from the playing fields due to a knee injury.

The other two novelties among those cited by Oscar Garcia to face Mallorca on Sunday are the side Kevin Vázquez and the goalkeeper Fran Vieites. The goalkeeper will be on the bench of the first team due to the plague of injuries suffered by the celestial goal. The last to fall was Sergio Álvarez, who has joined Iván Villar in the infirmary.

David Juncà and Claudio Beauvue are also not available due to physical problems, while Jorge Sáenz will continue the game from the stands by technical decision.

The complete call is composed: Hugo Mallo, Costas, Araujo, Okay, Juan Hernández, Fran Beltrán, Iago Aspas, Sisto, Rafinha, Rubén Blanco, Lobotka, Olaza, Aidoo, Kevin, Santi Mina, Brais Méndez, Pape Cheikh, Fran Vieites .

Óscar: "I don't usually punish"

Possibility to get out of the relegation: "It's not time to look at the classification, it's time to add the three points. I want the team to go out with the mentality that each game has to be a final."

Involution of the team: "Logically you have to correct things. We are trying, not only at the technical-tactical level, but also psychological. We have to always play with the mentality and aggressiveness that deserves a First match" .

Strategy to follow: "We have to be much more aggressive in the three-quarter-zone zone. We want the possession to score more goals than the rival. We must not always think about continuing to combine."

Pressure for Operation Return: We are all professionals and know that we will have pressure. They are players who come from very large teams and are accustomed to pressure. What we have to do is help them give maximum performance. You have to tell them the clear things, that they know what we want from them. Do not do more, but not less.

Toro Fernández: "It is difficult not to be revolutionized because he has the opportunity to help the team. The expulsion was a bit rigorous. Surely he has learned from what happened in Leganés."

Change of Hugo Mallo: "In those moments one does not think about touches of attention and yes on how it can improve the team. I am not a person who is used to punishing" .

Okay: "I told you a couple of weeks ago that if he did what we asked and trained as we wanted, he was one more player. We thought that against Leganés he could be an important player because of the characteristics of the rival, with direct balls and aerial game . He played a good game. "

Mallorca: "He has competed in every game. He is a team that is very well worked. The coach has been with the same players for a while. He has differential players like Kubo, his anarchy causes confusion in the opponent."

January Market: "The club already knows what I think of the squad and what I may need. If they don't make it public, I'm not going to do it. It's clear that next month is important for this kind of thing." .

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