Joselu's hand reopens the discomfort of the Lega with the VAR

The goal of the Alavés draw came preceded by a clear hand of the forward that Soto Grado and Estrada Fernández did not point despite reviewing it in the VAR.

Leganés tied yesterday at Mendizorroza (1-1). For the second time in the season the pickles chained two consecutive games without losing, this time achieving a point in a complicated stadium. Despite this, the blue and white mood when leaving Mendizorroza was defeat. Also of a deep anger about how was the local goal.

The triumph escaped after a goal from Joselu in which, before his final shot, the ball clearly hits him in the hand. But Soto Grado in the grass and Estrada Fernández in the VAR, despite reviewing it, estimated that there was no infraction of the ram. Unfair decision in the eyes of the pickles that reopens the injury of the discomfort that exists this season in Butarque for this and other arbitration decisions.

The storm of Leganés Levante

The one that most bothered the south of the capital was the one that ended in Siovas penalty to Roger on the eighth day. The infraction occurred outside the area, but neither Munuera Montero (field referee), nor Álvarez Izquierdo (VAR referee) reviewed whether the play happened in the penalty zone.

Serious error that caused the Leganés to request the repetition of the game from the minute of the play, from 44. In Butarque they are still waiting for the RFEF Secretariat to make a decision. Competition turned away from the case stating that it did not have sufficient competencies. The match was played on October 5. More than two months have passed and what commands, for now, is silence.

Rosario of discomfort

That play inaugurated a period of relative arbitration calm with Leganés. On the contrary that in the previous days, where the bouquet of pickling complaints was long. It began on the first day, with the goal annulled to Braithwate by Rosales' alleged hand and the one not indicated to Estupiñán in the Osasuna area.

Rubén Pérez's penalty followed Rodrigo in Mestalla (the play, they say in Butarque, also happens outside the area) or Vezo's hand in 83 'which was not marked as a penalty in the visit to Granada. Then the famous non-penalty of Siovas came to Roger.

He commands caution

If some of these errors had not occurred, the Leganes could now have a situation of points enough to haunt the exit of the relegation points. Argument wielded in private in Butarque, although in public sends prudence.

“We leave with the feeling that we could have taken all three points. We had the option of taking the game. The Alavés in the second part has struck us down… but my feeling right now is that we could have won, ”Bustinza said yesterday after the game in the SER.


Aguirre also made no reference to the matter in the press room. His philosophy is not to complain about the referees because "that is an argument of losers", he confessed in an interview in AS in which he made it clear that his goal is to focus on football and non-extra-sports issues. "Luck and the referees don't train with me every day," he insisted on that talk. That, however, does not mean that in the Leganés there is a deep malaise, again, with an arbitration decision that, who knows, could cost them the descent to Second.

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