João Félix takes a step forward: the reasons for his improvement

He has found his place to participate in almost all the attack actions: he gets more in touch with the ball, gets more to the area and tries to recover.

Atlético progresses properly and with it João Félix, the player who represents the illusion and who in every game, even in those that are bad, shows his enormous technical quality. The Portuguese, 20, is finding his place in the team to exploit his performance and Simeone is willing to give him gallons, because the young crack shows that he does not shy away from responsibility. Unlike. And with the feeling that the best is yet to come. For example, when goals enter.

João Félix threw the team behind him against Villarreal and against Lokomotiv. Before Osasuna it was not different and, after a start of strength of the reds, the striker began to create. Controls, pipes, touches at the first ... It already moves freely in front of the center of the field, sometimes at the height of Morata to launch some unchecking, but especially at the midpoint, because it wants to be in contact with the ball. In that aspect he has won the Portuguese. Without Costa, he has established himself as a striker and no longer occupies the right wing as he did in several games before the sprain he left out a month. With a radius of action similar to Griezmann's, it is shining brighter.

In addition, this position allows you to reach the area more frequently, both driving the ball and finishing off. In La Cerámica he set his auction record: nine. One to the post, a petroleum jelly that went high, another Asenjo stop ... Against the Lokomotiv were six and scored a penalty. He wanted to launch the first, but he did it with the second, without any fear of error. Against Osasuna he finished four times and another ended up on the crossbar after Herrera's miraculous stop. He is having chances and the goal is disappearing by millimeters.

"João is one of the best we have offensively. He has the power of creativity and resolution, shows vertigo and danger when the ball passes through his feet," Simeone defined on 7. The Cholo also knows what he has in his possession and Work to boost and polish it. For example in the physical, because in the second halves the fatigue is noticed: "I would like João to have a little more gasoline at the end of the game, maybe we have to run less." Because João, although he shines in attack and when he has the ball, he also does not hide to run back and throw himself to the ground if the occasion requires it.

After removing Atlético the slabs of the lack of triumphs and the scoring drought, now the players will be able to work more calmly to engage. João Félix and Morata are consolidated as a pair of attack, which as the games progress will meet more and better. And the Portuguese can look like creator, as a midfielder and as a auctioneer.

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