"Hamilton is from Ferrari, isn't it?"

Vettel, ironic to answer about contacts between the Briton and Maranello that open the door to the signing of the century, but there is much intrahistory behind.

The news of the weekend in Abu Dhabi is not sporting: there have been contacts between Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari with a free steering wheel in sight in 2021. The 'Scuderia' did not silence him, rather he aired it when Binotto publicly acknowledged that the British "He is a great pilot and he is free in two years can only be good news." And Toto Wolff, Mercedes competition director, has also not put out the fire justifying that he "completely agrees" that the six-time champion will look at options outside the star's signature. There is intrahistory: although in principle there is no danger, Mercedes does not have to be insured on the grill of 2021.

As already reported by AS, its new CEO, Kallenius, calls for a program that costs less than it enters to ensure its continuity. In addition Wolff himself could leave his post, perhaps to lead F1, and Hamilton's two great links with the signature of the star, Toto and Niki Lauda, would no longer be there to retain him. Winning in red is a dream for all the pilots who arrive at the 'Great Circus', also for Lewis, although it was cold about it: "The words of Binotto? It's the first time they say something good about me in 13 years." They seem innocent statements, but if the case progressed during the winter and the first races of 2020, a real war could be unleashed between manufacturers.

The hexacampeón can use Ferrari to accelerate the talks (and confirmations) in Mercedes, and perhaps Maranello can use the rumor to pressure his current pair, Leclerc and Vettel, more after the irregular end of the season of both of them, who went from winning three races in a row to star in bad decisions in the outings, in the strategy, in the maneuvers ... culminating with that clash between the two in Brazil.

Vettel was asked at Yas Marina and his answer could not be more ironic: "I think Hamilton is already a Ferrari driver. No?" Leclerc's statements were not for those courses: "In F1 you always want to fight the best, I have had the opportunity to have 'Seb' by my side this year and I have learned a lot from him, he is a four-time world champion You can always learn from this kind of champions, so of course (I would welcome it). " Hamilton himself said he doesn't know "what's going to happen," but he wants to "keep winning." The irregular 2019 of Vettel does not help silence the rumorology of the 'paddock', although he concedes: "It is part of the process, my piloting had some errors that I should not have made, and I must see how I can do better. Perhaps it is good for me to do fewer interviews , I will have to negotiate it ... (laughs). "

Photos from as.com
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