Interwar Derby

Maxi and Rodrigo threaten a Levant who must improvise a couple of centrals by not having any of the first healthy team.

At the Ciutat today a derby is played that already has a LaLiga (follow the match live on A derby that 15 years ago barely existed and that today is already a classic in Primera after the consolidation of Levante in the top category. But not only with the accumulation of games played over the years a derby takes shape. The presumed equality of the teams (Valencia has not won in Orriols since 2011) and that the stadium where the duel is being played is going to be filled are condiments that contribute solera to a contest of maximum territorial rivalry.

However, the derby arrives in an interwar period for Levante and Valencia. The granotas arrive with many casualties, most of them in the central area of the defense. Paco López does not have any healthy central. That is why he has cited both of the subsidiary: Eliseo and Pereira. And nobody would be surprised today that both were headlines. It would be the most logical. They have been playing all season together and they know and complement each other. Everything else would be patches. Radoja, Coke and Vukcevic, other options that Paco López has. The decision is not easy. Not surprisingly, they will face two strikers, Rodrigo and Maxi Gómez, who have participated in 17 of the 30 goals that Valencia has made this year.

The derby arrives in Valencia after two tough battles (Chelsea and Villarreal) and just before two dueling matches (Ajax and Real Madrid). And all this with the full infirmary and with several players who will arrive in Orriols with the newly released discharge. That is why, Celades, even if he says he only thinks of the derby, will have to make an eleven thinking about everything that comes this week.

Like Paco López, he has doubts in the center of the rear. Paulista is healthy but with accumulation of parties; and Garay and Diakhaby return after several games away. The logical thing is that the Argentine, sanctioned in Champions, accompany the Brazilian. At the door, with Cillessen knocked, it could also rotate.

The Ciutat de València will present a full one until the flag

Orriols prepares to house a new Valencian derby up to the flag. Yesterday, Levante confirmed that there were less than 100 tickets left to hang the 'no tickets' sign for the first time this season. Therefore, today there will be a small number of skilled locations. With more than 22,000 subscribers, plus visiting hobby and tickets sold, the full one is guaranteed. Valencia, on the other hand, also confirmed this week that their fans had sold out the 405 tickets in the visiting area they had.

Therefore, a great atmosphere is expected in the derby in the Ciutat de València, with a schedule that favors the influx of public and in a game that year by year grows in competitiveness and spectacle. In the event that the Ciutat is finally filled, it will be the first time in the whole season that the Barça area has run out of its locations.

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