Hazard's injury opens the doors back to Bale

The Welshman had the Classic of December 18 in his head and now there is no doubt that he will be part of the eleven starter at the Camp Nou.

Hazard's injury, which looked quite serious given Meunier's very strong entrance despite the fact that the club minimized damage to the first medical part issued nine days ago, opens the door to Gareth Bale. The Welshman had the Classic in his head and now there is no doubt that he will be part of the starting eleven at the Camp Nou. Bale got angry with Zidane for giving him rest for the Madrid-Bruges of the October Champions, given that for Welsh the European Cup matches and league duels against Barça and Atlético are paramount to be shown to the general public. Therefore, this week Bale and Zidane had a private conversation about what happened after the episode of the controversial flag exhibited with Wales. Zizou robbed and supported him, taking away the matter. That comforted Bale, who saw how his broken relationship with Marseilles since the summer has found a way of settlement at the time that was least expected.

In fact, Zidane told him to work hard because it was in his hand to play in the 18-D Classic. Now there is no doubt. Hazard's injury has cleared the way, since Zidane does not consider giving Rodrygo or Vinicius a chance before and less on a date of such importance. Hazard misses the Classic, but Zizou recovers Bale for the cause. In fact, his presence at Christmas dinner last night is interpreted as another wink of Gareth in his 'reintegration' with the costumes. These years ago I had never been to those team appointments. Something is changing in the life of the Welshman. Bale is no longer 'out'.

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