Guillermo Amor: "Violence is not good in the street or in the countryside"

The director of institutional relations of Barcelona rectified the insults and the offensive chants against Griezmann.

The director of institutional relations of Barcelona, Guillermo Amor, rectified and condemned the offensive chants against Antoine Griezmann ("Griezmann die") that a certain sector of the tier of the Metropolitan Wanda dedicated to the French forward.

After the encounter between red and whites, Amor was questioned by the nasty songs in the microphones of Movistar LaLiga and declared the following: "Always respectable. The public has their opinion and you have to accept it. Sometimes you may like it more or less, but is what goes out to the public and you have to accept it ".

In less than 24 hours, he clarified his statements: "I think nobody likes violence or according to insults. In that we agree, but what we should not do is to keep people quiet in a field. That is logical in all Fields Against violence and according to insults, we obviously agree that it is not right, neither in the street nor in the countryside. "

Antonine Griezmann did not have the desired return to his home for four seasons. In addition to the insults, he was booed every time he touched the ball.

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