Griezmann arrives ... with Messi

The French player returns to 'home' before an Atlético de Madrid with urgencies. The return of the striker who was his stadium promises to be played.


He was one of the 22 soccer players who were heading to the Metropolitan that afternoon with a heavy heart and still looking out the bus window when leaving the M-40. There it was, the new field, 13 kilometers from the old Calderón, already passed. And they were going to release it. Against Malaga, 4th day, September 16, 2017. He would win Atleti, 1-0, he would be his first scorer. Griezmann Today when his name rings through the stadium speakers he will receive, perhaps, the biggest whistle this cement will have heard in his two seasons. Ni Courtois.

Because Griezmann played his guitar many nights before that stage. Because Griezmann was his star. Because they loved him, because they believed him. Because Griezmann chose Atleti one summer to go to the next one: he wanted to sit at Messi's table, he would start by sharing clothes. There he goes in. The Argentine is already hugged, assists him, shares mate. Dembélé's injury makes him a holder without a doubt. How Simeone longs for his goals

Because he lacks a lot. He already warned. "I need a player to make me the goals of Griezmann." It did not arrive. Costa and Morata stayed. And Costa, with a cervical hernia, is not there. And in his most risky project, with eight footballers who don't call Grizi Griezmann, they haven't played with him, he accumulates games without a goal and draws. And today he receives Barça, after losing in Turin and not being qualified for the eighth Champions. With weakness in the defense of the stopped ball and the doubt of continuing with the four-wheeler, Herrera, or aligning that belt that makes others better. Another option is to move Saul to the side and sacrifice Lodi, as it seems it will be. That's how they all fit. Meanwhile, Grizi's '7' is taken by another. João Felix. He arrived to make him forget. With 20 years he rubs his boot and he gets magic.

Travel Ernesto Valverde with a stone in the feet: the parties outside. He lost to Athletic, fell with a crash in Granada and against Levante. He did not win in Pamplona. Out does not give the size.

Without Busquets, sanctioned, De Jong will play safe today and can be accompanied by Rakitic, and Arthur, even though Vidal asks for more minutes. The ones that surely won't be are Alba and Semedo: Junior and Sergi Roberto will be the sides. Piqué returns but with Lenglet and not Umtiti, who can't stand three games in a row. Upstairs, the trident. Messi-Suarez-Griezmann. The latter already knows very well that stadium that he will see when the bus leaves the M-40. And yet, so, so different will be. His 133 goals remained in the newspaper library. It will be his last summer that fills the air.

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