Garnett, about Kyrie: "I had no balls to be in Boston"

Legendary power forward Kevin Garnett, champion with the Celtics in 2008, strongly criticized the Nets player. "Boston is a difficult city."

It is well known that the relationship between the Boston Celtics and Kyrie Irving was never ideal. The base came to the franchise as a star that wanted to escape the long shadow of LeBron, but was injured in the first campaign without being able to play the playoffs and returned in the second in a basketball course marked by rumors about his departure, the disconnection with the costumes and anger of the young people for the role that the base assumed on the track, always in contrast to the collaborative way of playing that has always characterized Brad Stevens teams.

Finally, and after a season that ended in catastrophe, Irving made good the rumors and headed for the Brooklyn Nets to join Kevin Durant. His departure, an open secret, ended one of the great soap operas of last season (case Anthony Davis aside). Analyzes and readings about his role in Boston, his ability to improve or worsen his teammates and the templates to which he belonged skyrocketed and cross-declarations of Stevens' pupils, who had been protagonists after the elimination in Conference semifinals against the Bucks, stopped. They had already spoken and removed all possible topics even clearly showing their dissatisfaction with the base, which they do not seem to miss.

At this time of the season, Irving and the Celtics live separate stories, but people keep talking a lot about what happened between the base and what was their entity for two seasons. Boston smiles without the base and is placed in the fourth position of the Eastern Conference with a record of 14-5 that contrasts with the 10-10 signed by the Nets, which have also improved without the base. This has only fueled the theory (less and less theory) that the playmaker worsens its teams and the players with whom it shares a track, which lower its statistics at its side.

One of the last to analyze the issue has been Kevin Garnett. The legendary power forward, who played 21 seasons in the NBA and retired as one of the best players in history, knows as nobody the franchise in which he became champion. The power forward touched the sky in Boston, the city he reached after spending the first 12 years of his professional career in the Timberwolves. In 2007-08, the star won the Best Defender award, was third in the race for the MVP (which won Kobe, continue in the voting for Chris Paul) and better quintet of the NBA and defensive before eating Pau Gasol in the Finals and win what has been the only ring of his career. The MVP of that series was taken by Paul Pierce, but Garnett was always remembered as the soul of those Celtics who, with Allen, Rondo and Doc Rivers on the benches reigned again in the North American competition 22 years later.

"Irving had no balls to be in Boston. It's a difficult city and you have to have balls to be there," Garnett said, literally using that word to refer to the base's shortcomings. The power forward has criticized the former Celtics franchise player and compared him to Paul Pierce: "You have to love. And people have to love you. That's why Paul was perfect for them. Even if he had 0 of 14 in shots from the field, he kept pulling. "

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