Garitano: "If Granada continued like this, they would be in Champions"

Guidetti is low last minute. The Swedish player has had a bad night and has appeared in the training with fever plates in the throat.

Asier Garitano offered the previous Granada-Alavés before traveling to Andalusian lands. The Alavés coach commented that "if Granada continued to score the same points as at the beginning, they would be in the Champions League. In fact, they already were. Now they are not scoring points but they are still a very competitive team. They work well, the output of ball is powerful in the direct game. In the strategy they make many goals to the ball stopped. They also have a city behind very excited ".

Garitano said that "they are doing things well but we are also in a good moment and we will try to get the points. It will be different from Eibar because Granada is usually refolding and Eibar presses you higher." Regarding the loss of Duarte, he commented that "there are two possibilities, or to put Marin or place on the left one of the right sides. We have already decided but we will have to wait until tomorrow to see him" .

On the displacements, he indicated that "we were not doing good results but the game was not bad, quite the opposite. Hopefully we will be competitive again in Granada. We have had to change things in the team and to be able to play with two above, we have to work in the rest of the field. People understand it, both those who start the games and those who leave from the bench, who have the mission of improving what has been done so far. " The Alavés coach confirmed the losses of Borja, Duarte and Guidetti. "Today he has come with fever and plaques in his throat. He does not travel," he concluded.

Guidetti is low

John Guidetti is breaking last minute for tomorrow's game in Los Cármenes against Granada. The Swedish player has had a bad night and has appeared in the training of Mendizorroza with fever and some plates in the throat. It is not the year of the Scandinavian since it hardly plays in the schemes of Asier Garitano. With his selection, he has qualified for the European but does not have many minutes. Yes, he played and scored against Faroe Islands in the last call

Guidetti always sounds to go out in the winter and summer markets but ends up staying in the capital of Alava waiting for some opportunity. Two seasons ago, the club hired him on property after playing a great role once he had been assigned by Celta. The Alavés paid 4 million euros for taking over their services, a figure that had never been paid as a transfer. He played the World Cup in Russia, had more vacation time than his teammates, lost form and barely played since then

It will not be the only casualty of Alavés in Granada as there are two sanctioned players. Duarte saw the fifth yellow card of the cycle in the match against Real Madrid de Mendizorroza and was sanctioned by the Competition Committee. Nor did young Borja Sáinz travel, who played the day with the subsidiary of Segunda B and saw two yellows in Tajonar against Osasuna B. The referee showed them in the 49th and 79th minutes so he could not finish the game. In case of being summoned and playing, improper alignment would be committed.

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