Garitano: "With the casualties the strength of the group is bigger"

You must cover those of Aduriz, Raúl García and Muniain before Betis. "It is in the best moment of the season, with high level individualities: Channels, Fekir, Joaquin, top players"

Athletic coach Gaizka Garitano doesn't want to give Real Betis any clue about his intentions this Sunday at Benito Villamarín. The casualties of offensive players such as Muniain and Aduriz for injury and Raúl García for injury require a measured reconversion: "We trust everyone," reiterates the red and white coach, given the reality that they meet a rival in his "best moment of season, with two consecutive victories and high-level individualities, who can decant the game as Channels, Fekir, Joaquin, top players, which we know will suffer, "he analyzes. The key, he points out, is "to score, we are generating and winning there will not happen just to defend well. They have scored in their last 22 home games."

Ander Capa, which drags some discomfort, aims to play in an eleven that Garitano acknowledges that he makes without many possible variants: "Many options we don't have ... We will try to find a solution that Raúl, Muniain and Aduriz are not, the ones who usually play in attack "and throws a slogan:" Prove that when there are casualties the strength of the group is greater than the strength one by one ".

The word Europe sounds more real now, after adding 13 of the last 15 points, but Garitano is cautious. I do not know, tomorrow to try to win and score 29 points. "I look up and some are inaccessible: Barça, Real Madrid, Sevilla and to stay you have to win often." Therefore, he adds that it is "difficult for a team like ours, but we will try". Atletico, for now, sail behind. "If you make a League of the last 39 games, we would only have all three and keeping that in time is very complicated."

The first victory away from home in Pamplona spurred the lions: "We broke that barrier, but that does not translate into relaxation, do not put the counter back to zero. We go to another very difficult field and away from home we have a calendar complicated with Real Madrid and Sevilla. If you are not at a very high level it is difficult ".

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