"Messi for a while" on the covers of Barcelona

Hangover of the Golden Ball in the first pages of the Catalan newspapers. The Argentine's plan is to continue to blatagrana the next few years.

"Messi for a while". With that reassuring headline, the sports newspapers of Barcelona are lifted this Wednesday in the hangover of the delivery of the Golden Ball for the Argentine soccer player. The post-gala in Paris gave talk. The phrase of Messi, already sighting his withdrawal, has not made Barça nervous, except after the Argentine said that "my commitment to the club is above a contract" .

Sport and Mundo Deportivo point out that the player is not in a hurry to retire and lists the challenges he still has pending: overcome Gento in Leagues, Xavi in matches, Pelé in goals. Sport also focuses on the complicity that was seen with Griezmann during the gala. Sport chooses a solo photo of the Argentinian while Mundo Deportivo chooses for his first page the happy photo of the return with Bartomeu, Grau, Javier Bordas, his wife Antonela, Ter Stegen or Griezmann.

Photos from as.com
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