"In football the important thing is to put it, but the team gives everything"

The central assured after the tie. "When you generate a lot and don't make brands you create that kind of anxiety, you want to finish everything very quickly." João Félix and the goal problems: "It's a passing phase."

Another match where they fail to score: It's a bit in line with what's happening. The team creates, plays, proposes, but the important thing in the world of football is to put it. When you put it all changes. But the team is hungry, good feelings, which is important, we have that ambition not to fall apart, we want to change things by working and we are in that line.

Is there anxiety ?: It's almost impossible to reproach the team for anything. Give everything, eat the grass, the rival and it is a matter of having more success. When you generate a lot and do not make brands you create that kind of anxiety, you want to finish everything very quickly in plays that perhaps should be more leisurely, not to rush so much. The difficult thing is to arrive, have occasions and the team continues to work for it. We have great midfield players forward and we trust them.

Does it all come down to that goal ?: The problem is that the results do not arrive. But the team gives everything, works, proposes, but in the end everything is valued when you win or do not win, you put or do not put. These are difficult times that teams have, they are matches that you don't win but you shouldn't lose them either. We must add and we have an interesting week, very beautiful for us and we want to turn around the situation.

João Félix and the goal problems: "It's a passing phase"

Empate in La Cerámica: "We're sad of course, because. We have to improve and make goals" .

Goal problems: "They are phases, but they are all temporary and will pass safely" .

His personal status: "A player always has ups and downs and good times will appear safe."

Why doesn't the ball come in ?: "The lack of a goal is not just mine, it belongs to everyone, but the attack men have more responsibility. We are fighting and in the end it will come in."

Simeone: "Everyone tells us the same thing. I listen and do what he tells me."

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