Espanyol has liquidity to hire Mariano

The parakeet club, by raising its salary limit by 12 million, can face a transfer like that of the Madrid striker, who escaped in 2017 after stepping on Cornellà.

There was one day, at the beginning of the summer of 2017, when Mariano Díaz was walking through Cornellà-El Prat, knowing the facilities, invited by the rectors of Espanyol. Facing his transfer was impossible then (Olympique de Lyon ended up paying eight million for his purchase) and again prohibitive every time the parakeet club has asked for the striker: his 4.5 million net annual record is to blame. However, this winter market conditions have changed. Everything will depend on the priorities of each other.

From a purely economic point of view, Espanyol is ready to face a loan like Mariano's for the rest of the season. The blue and white entity has obtained permission from LaLiga to extend its current salary limit of 68 million and occupied by the chips of the 23 players that make up the workforce, until 80. That is, an increase of 12 million. And, being the first necessity a scorer (the parrots have ten goals in 15 days, and only three scored forwards), it would be acceptable to pay the proportional part of Mariano's salary. Another thing is that the player prefers another destination of a fixed nature.

As the Espanyol intends to cover some other position, such as the right-hand lane, the assignments would be the most profitable formula to sign quality without exceeding 12 million.

The attacker played four years in the perica quarry

The blue and white Espanyol shirt is no stranger to Mariano Díaz, who dressed her as a child. It was with nine years just completed, in 2002, when the striker arrived in the sports city today baptized as Dani Jarque for military despite having a young age in a Alevín B with which he was able to score a whopping 41 goals in his first season .

His coach in that team would also end up making a name in elite football, since it was Lluís Planagumà, who until the beginning of this course directed to Hercules and before Granada, UCAM Murcia and the subsidiaries of Villarreal and Espanyol himself.

In the 2004-05 season, the second year by Mariano's fry age, he was not only a league champion, ahead of Barcelona, but also reached the final of the popular Brunete tournament. And it would be in the following summer, after his jump to Infantil B, when the problems would begin.

After a year when he barely played a quarter of an hour per game, his father decided to take him from Espanyol. When living in Premià de Mar, he then stood out in the neighboring town of Vilassar de Mar, and specifically in the Sánchez Llibre Foundation, which, paradoxes of life, bore the name and was under the tutelage of the then president of Espanyol, Dani.

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