Dolphin is entrusted to Garcés

The Ecuadorian Delfín striker has been one of the best players in the championship and wants to be important in the return of the final against Liga de Quito in Manta.


Delfín dreams of his first title in Ecuador. The cetacean set took a valuable zero draw in the first leg of the Pro League final against the Quito League and wants to lift the champion trophy at his home in Manta. Much of the success of Fabián Bustos this season is the fault of the goals and performances of Carlos Garcés.

The role of the Ecuadorian striker has been key for Delfin to have gotten into the fight for the title against one of the greats of soccer in the country such as the League of Quito. Garcés is the third top scorer of the regular season with 14 goals (23 among all competitions) .

Although his scoring ability has been resentful during the playoffs (he adds a penalty goal in five games), it has been his role as an assistant that has been crucial for Manta's team to be among the best teams in Ecuador. The striker passes, which accumulates 8 assists this season, are the ones that most end in archery with a total of 39 passes ended in auction, according to data from the Pro.


This is the third season of Garcés in Delfín, the club in which he formed. He had a good year in Deportivo Cuenca, but not being able to take a place in the Quito League or succeed in Mexican football (Atlante), the Ecuadorian returned to Manta and since then he has not stopped giving joys to the fans of the cetacean set .

In 2017, the year the striker arrived, Delfín made history: he was proclaimed runner-up in the Ecuadorian league (he lost the final against Emelec) and qualified for the Copa Libertadores 2018, all for the first time. In the maximum continental competition he could not pass the group stage, but that year was also satisfactory for the cetacean, although it did not become as important as the previous one. In the three seasons that Carlos Garcés has been in Manta, he has always been among the top scorers of the tournament and in 119 games with the Idol of the Port shirt he has scored 59 goals.

On the return of the final next Sunday those led by the Argentine Fabian Bustos want to surprise and be champions of Ecuador for the first time in its history. In addition, they are thirsty for revenge after the Quito League won the first final of the season and took the Ecuador Cup against Manta. Cetaceans have left Independiente del Valle and Macará, two of the great rivals this year. In order to raise the trophy, the role of Carlos Garcés will be fundamental, a player who will seek to claim and finally settle as one of the important names in the country.

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