"Sandro's day to day was terrible in the Royal Society"

Imanol Alguacil, txuri-urdin coach, on the Canarian striker, former de la Real and now in Valladolid: "Now I see him more ambitious and motivated."

The Real Sociedad coach, Imanol Alguacil, has warned of the difficulties involved, in his fight to maintain fourth place, the match against Valladolid, where they face a local team that "has only lost a match against Sevilla "and that" it will be very difficult to get something positive ".

Alguacil, who has offered a press conference in San Sebastián, does not believe that the whole Pucelano is a bad time and even considers that it is "better defensively than last season."

Yes, however, he admitted that the Valladolid team makes few goals in the last few days and has sighed so that "it continues to extend that little success in the face of the goal that, surely, will come to them someday" .

Alguacil recalled Sandro Ramírez, currently a Valladolid player, who last season was under his tutelage in San Sebastián, where "the day-to-day was terrible for him" and which he now sees "ambitious and motivated" and exhibiting the level recovering in the Castilian capital

The coach from Gipuzkoa, who was reminded that he is the Real coach who has scored the best average points per game, downplayed those numbers and brought up again that his position is not shielded and that a bad streak will end his stage in the Real.

"Before I told you that to see if it came to December, now I plan to arrive in February because as is football if you link four defeats ...", said an Orio coach who said he was focused only on "the day to day "and joked that when his cessation arrives it will be because that percentage of points was significantly reduced.

Sheriff wanted to thank, on the other hand, the notable displacement of fans that is expected for Sunday's meeting, a reflection that the Txuri Urdin fans are "happy" and to whom he wants to dedicate a victory in the José Zorrilla.

Do not think about the next winter market, closed in principle for entries but not for departures of players who are not having much participation.

He assured that he is "super happy with everyone" and that he wants them to continue in San Sebastián, although he is aware that some players can think differently by not having minutes.

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