Copa América 2020: dates, format and what is drawn today

When and how is the draw for the Copa América 2020. We also tell you the start date of the competition and the venues where it is played.


The Copa América 2020 will be special in every way. The competition repeats for the second consecutive year and does so to coincide with the European Championship. Brazil defends its throne but does not do it as a local. On this occasion the tournament will be played in two different countries: Argentina and Colombia. A change that goes according to the new format of the competition. However, the final phase of the tournament will be played entirely in Colombia, including the final.

The best players on the continent will meet in a month full of excitement. Neymar seeks a personal revenge after missing the last Copa América due to injury. For his part, Lionel Messi wants to win his first title with the Argentine national team, and this edition may be one of his last opportunities. Other teams such as Uruguay, Peru or Colombia seek to surprise the two giants of the continent, and have quality to do so.

Dates: When does the Copa América 2020 begin and when does it end?

The Copa América 2020 starts next Friday, June 12 and will do so in Argentina. The stadium of the inauguration is not yet known, although the Monumental in Buenos Aires has many options. Other candidates are Mario Alberto Kempes, in Córdoba, or the Cylinder, also in Buenos Aires.

The competition will last exactly one month, ending on Sunday, July 12. However, the final will be played in Colombia. Nor has the headquarters of the final been established. The most powerful candidates are the Roberto Meléndez de Barranquilla stadium or Deportivo Cali. Both for the opening and for the closing of the tournament, CONMEBOL prepares a show that will feature some of the most important singers on the continent.

Format: What is the Copa América 2020 like?

CONMEBOL has divided the continent into two zones: north and south. In turn, they are the two groups of the first phase of the Copa América. The northern zone will play the group stage in different stadiums in Colombia, while the southern zone will play in stadiums in Argentina. Each of the groups will be completed with one of the two guest selections, Qatar and Australia. Then, the two groups of six teams would be:

North Zone: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guest Selection 1

South Zone: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Guest Selection 2

From each group the first four will pass, which will directly access the quarterfinals. From then on, all the matches will be played in Colombia. Fourth, semifinal and final will be played in a single match.

Draw: What is drawn in Colombia?

The first thing to be done in the draw will be to place the two invited teams in the groups. It will be totally random. Once all the teams have been placed, the fixture of the tournament will be drawn. Each team will play five days in the first phase, being able to play up to three different stages. The teams that reach the final will play a total of eight games.

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