Castro: "It's a peace of mind to travel with work done"

The president of Seville describes as "magnificent" the feelings that the team is giving up to date.


Partido: "It is a peace of mind to travel with the work done. It will be a nice match that will surely lead to seeing the less usual" .

Racha: "Winning is something that goes with our DNA. We hope to win the sixth in a row that would be a record, although the important thing is that we are already classified."

Note to the team: "We are very happy because in addition to the results we are seeing a recognizable team that fights and plays with quality. But the notes must be put in May, although we are on the right track."

Lack of goal: "We have three strikers that are true have not scored many goals but I am sure that some of them will break to score goals" .

Market: "We have to be focused on continuing to win games. The winter market will come. We have made an important effort this summer."

Change: "I see a more reliable team in the game and with more balance, which makes me think that we will not fall apart as in previous years. The sensations are magnificent."

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