Castro: "I like this Sevilla because I like to win"

The Nerve President is blunt in the microphones of the SER: "The goal is to be in the Champions League and from there nobody is going to take us out"

The president of Seville José Castro attended the presentation of the Christmas program of the Cadena SER in Seville. The act took place in his native Utrera, so that the maximum president of Nerva had no problem in attending the call of Free and Direct to analyze the moment through which Seville goes through. His statements were as follows:

Moment: "We cannot complain, we are happy but we have to continue along the same lines to achieve the objectives" .

Pitos to the team: "The whistle goes with the DNA Sevilla. We are ambitious, we want our team to play well and win, because we are very excited. There are moments that the team needs the fans and the fans are intelligent. I think the sensations are not good, they are the following to good. There are no reasons for the censorship of a team that is giving everything and making us enjoy, not forgetting that there are games that are not so good and that LaLiga is becoming more competitive " .

Victoria del Barça: "I loved the result. I prefer to be five points behind Atlético de Madrid to be second. We look for our clear and main objective, which is to be next year in the Champions League. From there nobody is going to take us out and everyone we have to row in that direction, because I have always said that if we all go together we will have more chances to succeed.

Lopetegui: "Since he arrived he is demonstrating his skills not only with the results, which obviously is the most important, but because from the beginning he has been clear with us and we have made an effort to turn the template. We cannot speak of the style only for one or two parties. There have been very good parties and bad parties. I like this Sevilla because in the end what I like is to win, which is the end of this society. Without humility there is no victory as evidenced by the Colista made us sweat ink. But in the end we won, that is no accident ".

Shareholders' Agreement: "I am very respectful of absolutely all the shareholders of Seville and they are the first to know in the Board of the decisions taken by the Board. Everything that is union will be good for the entity. If we are all together, we will have more strength to continue achieving goals. We have a five-year plan to make a bigger Sevilla and have a capacity according to our club. Nothing and nobody is going to stop it. "

Winter market: "There are many players who have not yet given themselves what they could give, I see for the moment no need to sign for the effort made in summer. But in football we do not know what can happen and we have a sports director who has the ability to get rabbits out of the hat. There are players who haven't had many minutes and are sure they are important in the second round. "

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