Bilbao, without Rousselle or Sulej for the difficult visit to Burgos

They are injured. Brown will go to one and they will have to assume more prominence from the escort Rafa Martínez and Rigo. Mumbrú lived his last game as a professional player in the Coliseum a year and a half ago, and thanks the ovation.

If Bilbao Basket was licked by the absences of three Andorra players last Saturday in Miribilla (which ultimately did not prevent the victory of the Principality as a whole), now the infirmary arrow points to its head. No less than two headlines fall from the important commitment tomorrow in Burgos, once the 'men in black' accumulate three defeats in a row. Rousselle, the starting base, has a muscular break and leaves the tackle in the hands of Schreiner, who returns to a track where they love him a lot, and Brown will regain his past times as an orchestra conductor. We must readjust the entire rotation of the perimeter, since Rafa Martínez will have to monopolize more minutes and offensive prominence and Rigo will have more track presence than usual in this first leg of the season. In any case, bad business thinking of plugging players like Fitipaldo and Bassas, or lowering the offensive production of McFadden. And there are curves, direct rivals such as Betis, Murcia and Estudiantes. Sulejmanovic also falls, the thermometer in terms of the defensive intensity of the group, in this case by a blow to the left hand, so it is up to Cruz to take a position and give everything he has along with Kulboka. In addition, this week they have not been able to exercise Lammers, neither Brown nor Schreiner, but they can act. The Burgos has 13 chips and even one player only for Europe.

Rousselle is set aside between two and three weeks. "The injuries never come at a good time, we will go to Burgos to try to make our game, be the best possible; the base position is the one that costs us the most if there is a problem there because we have two," says Mumbrú. Rousselle is a debutant in the ACB and was gradually adapting to the competition. This is usually maintained that when a team is decimated, there is usually more commitment, and that will be sought in the hottest track of the ACB. "We will have to lean more on my shoulder to be better. He is a physical rival with a lot of potential inside and out." The technician puts below the news of the infirmary the impact of the three consecutive injuries that accumulate. "There are form peaks, before Andorra we missed the game for small details." The absences will not cause a drastic change in the way you play. "You have to do what you have been working for three or four months." There is no clear explanation for the collapses that sometimes leave the team with much less chance of victory. "There are many moods during the year," he says. RETAbet is one playoff game and two of the relegation, but in the words of their coach, they don't look at the classification "because that is done at the end".

Mumbrú lived his last game as a professional player in Burgos a year and a half ago, with Bilbao Basket already down and the Coliseum paid him a warm tribute. "I hoped that in Miribilla in the last game at home, it was special, but it was also in Burgos, people treated me with a special affection, it was a nice way to leave basketball active and I have a good memory of how they treated me , from the ovation ... I appreciate it. "

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