Barn: "We don't think we're going to the slaughterhouse"

The 'Pirate' is excited by the Bernabéu. "We won Madrid very recently in Cornellà," he warns. And predicts that a blush like the one lived before Osasuna "will not happen again."

Visit Espanyol on Saturday the Bernabéu in one of its most committed situations of recent years, penultimate with nine points and after a sultry defeat at home against Osasuna (2-4). One of the captains, Esteban Granero, reflected on Thursday in Sant Adrià the context that will be found against Real Madrid, with a graphic response.

"We do not think we are going to the slaughterhouse, or anything like that," he said literally, in response to a question in those terms. "But don't title that to me," he asked, evidently unsuccessfully, at the grandiloquent of his sentence. He added: "What we think is to go with all the enthusiasm to a very nice game to play." Barn reasoned, in that sense: “We trust our chances of victory. At Madrid we won very recently in Cornellà and I don't think it differs so much. I would like fans to believe that you can too. We count on them. ”

“I always look forward to playing at the Bernabéu,” reiterated the 'Pirate'. And he analyzed: “For me, it all started in the sports city and in Getafe, when I came back I had a shoot but I had three fantastic years. Real Madrid is the club of my childhood and my house. It is a very special field and any player loves to play. As a Espanyol player, that responsibility eclipses most of those things. The game will be in another position, not in the emotionality of returning home, but in the importance of trying to add the three points for Espanyol, ”he said.

Wait for the midfielder “to Madrid as always, with the best players in the world, with that ambition he has in the Bernabéu and with few weaknesses. We are convinced that you can beat them, as long as we do everything or almost everything very well. ” And he added: “If Madrid has something, it is the requirement to win everything. Madrid has been a historical era in which European football has dominated, it is true that in LaLiga it has not had such regularity, but the Champions League is the largest indicator of the level of a team. ”

"It will not happen again"

On the painful defeat of last Sunday against Osasuna, he was bluntly Granary: "I am practically convinced that it will not happen again, that people will perform better on Saturday and in the rest of the matches. " “We have turned the page,” he signed

And, regarding the message offered during the week by the locker room, he said: “I agree with my teammates, also with what the coach commented. All comments go in the line of self-criticism and self-demand, and in the message of optimism, union, commitment, of parakeet feeling. ”

"My thinking is that I am really optimistic, not because I am touched or because I am one of the captains, but because I believe in this group and in the coaching staff, in everyday work," he proclaimed. And he settled: “We have been faced with a different challenge than we thought in summer but we are as prepared as last year with Europe, and in the end we got it. All these words will be shown in the matches. ”

“Last year was a historic season and we had a streak worse than the current one, we must not forget it. As soon as we resume the flight, I am convinced that Espanyol is going to meet this challenge, ”said Granero.

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