Bad news for Prado: a training femur breaks

According to 'Motorcycling', KTM suffered a spectacular fall in a test in Italy that caused that serious injury to his right leg. It has already been operated.

Jorge Prado ends the year in which he confirmed his ascent to MXGP after sweeping for the second consecutive season in MX2 in the worst possible way: with a serious injury. According to 'Motorcycling', the Lucense rider was training on Thursday at the Italian track in Mallagrotta, west of Rome and the usual training place of the KTM team, when a sharp fall caused an open femur fracture in his right leg. He was quickly evacuated to the capital by helicopter where it has already been operated.

The accident was due to the difficult conditions presented by the circuit at that time. The route mixes softer and harder areas of land, characteristics that have made him the favorite of Tony Cairoli (seven times world champion of the highest category and maximum reference of Prado) to train, and the rain that fell to that hour made the floor too slippery. Jorge lost control of his motorcycle and flew off impacting forcefully on the ground.

Neither the KTM team nor the Galician environment have given information about it, so you will have to wait for an official communication to have all the details of the injury and know the estimated recovery time. Be that as it may, the deadlines are very fair to be able to arrive on time and in conditions at the beginning of the World Cup on March 1 in England. For starters, his preseason has already been ruined. It is not the best possible way to face his rookie year in MXGP, but the great champions grow up in the face of adversity.

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