Atlético, to stop a streak outside that exceeds two months

The rojiblanco team has not won as a visitor since October 1, in Russia against Lokomotiv. He hasn't won in the last six outings.

Atlético needs to return to the path of victory. The last two consecutive defeats have complicated the rojiblanco team's aspirations in the Liga, where it is sixth behind Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, Real Sociedad and Athletic and in the Champions League, having to win the Lokomotiv on the last day to ensure the pass to the round of 16 as group second.

The first test of fire is in Villarreal, a stadium where victory has not been achieved since 2015 with a lonely goal from Fernando Torres and that has always choked the rojiblanco team. So Simeone faces a major challenge, winning in a stadium that has never been successful and ending a streak without winning away from home that already exceeds two months.

Since October 1 Atlético does not know what it is to win as a visitor. It was in Russia against Lokomotiv, where the goals of João Félix and Thomas gave a triumph that has been vital for the rojiblanco team to be above the Muscovites in the group D classification. Since that date six starts date without getting the victory and in Moscow also stayed the last goal of the course João Félix, who missed a month off due to an ankle injury.

Atlético punctured in their visit to Valladolid, where one of the worst games of the Cholo era arrived in a goalless match and with Sandro forgiving a penalty he threw over the Oblak goal. Before the Alavés the first half was again horrible, although there was an improvement with the substitutions in the second part. That's how Morata's goal came, but Lucas Pérez equaled the match with a goal for the entire squad.

Undefined in Seville and Granada

The next exit went to Seville, with an extraordinary reaction in the second half to the goal of Franco Vázquez, but insufficient to get the three points. Diego Costa, who saw how the VAR annulled him a goal, missed a penalty and finally Morata's goal only served to tie. Worse was the meeting in Germany against Bayer Leverkusen, where Thomas himself and Volland put the Germans 2-0 in favor. In the discount Morata cut distances and enjoyed one last chance to tie, but Hradecky avoided it with his leg.

Finally, there is the match in Granada, perhaps together with Mallorca and Lokomotiv, the most complete course outside, but where again it ended in a flat tire. Lodi put Atletico ahead at the time of the match after a first part where Simeone had already been better without a prize. But Germán tied shortly after the exit of a corner and Atletico returned to add a game out without winning. After a great start as a visitor, with three victories in the first four outings, playing outside has once again become a bad thing for the rojiblanco team, something that already happened last season. Getting out of the pothole passes through Villarreal, where two birds would be killed with one stone.

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