Atlético continues in transition

He could win, like Villarreal. But none did and move away from their goals. Chukwueze and João failed in the definition in an open, crazy match.

Once upon a time, Atlético was a team that was walking on the grass and was already threatening, just with that. It was once Atlético a headache, like going to the dentist, a pediment. It was once Atlético a team that accumulated 18 shots and achieved at least one binary code. Yesterday there were two teams with many wounds that jumped to La Cerámica, but none were able to sew them and stop bleeding. And that they tried. Both of them. In all possible ways. Not a minute had passed and Villarreal already accumulated a counter, a corner and twice. That would be all, the remaining 90 minutes

Calleja filled its center of the energy field, with Iborra, Trigueros and Anguissa, and a wasp above, Gerard. Cholo did it with the plan with which, many games ago, the season began: many men inside and bands as highways for Arias and Lodi. But it is a fierce rojiblanca without fangs. He tries (and at least tries), but he doesn't bite. The photo is João Félix in this match. He replied the beginning of Villarreal adding two first occasions. One failed to finish it. The other yes, but high. Both teams ran the way life does. The game was very open from the beginning. But Simeone forgot something: Villarreal is lethal with spaces. And everything turned it into occasions. Gerard threatened Oblak with a shot that went wide. João Felix replied with a pole. Atleti was looking to grow around long balls and rival losses but pressing only with the eyes. The Villarreal settled and put the Atleti in a maze. Suddenly all the men inside the Cholo only found blind corridors no matter how much João Felix played, asked for gallons, balls and walked with the flashlight on.

A petroleum jelly from the Portuguese who left high was his last threat before his team began to disintegrate back, and that that Hermoso, Felipe and Arias, in that order, were the best men in Cholo. But the sky was filling with gray over Oblak. Because Atlético in its transition lost the goal and yesterday also identity. His strength is gone, he is not there. Maybe he only lives at the bottom of Gabi, Tiago, Godín, Juanfran, Filipe and Raúl García's suitcases. Now he is weak back, porous, trembles to a stationary ball. The Villarreal accumulated occasions and corners hanging from his neck a VIP pass to the Oblak area. The goalkeeper combined a miracle hand (before Trigueros) with another failure of those that never happened before. Hermoso saved on the line while the referee forgave Morata's second yellow: his entry on Iborra had been more card than the previous one.

Atlético returned with better rest color but life remained the same in La Cerámica. The game very open, without center of the field and occasions in both areas Before Asenjo, João, again, every time. Before Oblak, anyone from Villarreal. They all had their backs to the center of the rojiblanco field with the ease that an adult would do before a child. They armed the leg Chukwueze, Mario, salivated Gerard. The air was filled with shots, few at the door.

The Cholo sat Thomas so that everything remained the same. The game full of spaces and exchange of blows, broken, crazy. Running the Villarreal again and again to the Oblak area with all the teeth in the air but not biting either. The Atlético trying desperately, anxiously and hugging the long balls and the chances of João Félix. Villarreal did everything well, sustained by the strength of Anguissa and the clarity of Pau Torres, but he missed the last pass. Lodi failed the clearest rojiblanca and Morata and João extended so much a counter that stopped being against. He followed the round trip in the last minutes and the four resting, both coaches held oxygen on the benches. But the last corner of Villarreal ended up nowhere and the last of Atlético no longer has headers like Godín. Final. And one point to each team that no wound closes.

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