Atleti fine competition for the launch of an umbrella in the match against Barcelona

The penalty is in application of article 110 of the Disciplinary Code, which determines a fine of up to 301 euros to the club for "alteration of the order of the meeting of a mild nature".

The Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) decided on Wednesday to fine Atlético de Madrid for "altering the order of the match of a slight nature" in the match of the last day of the League against Barcelona (0-1).

The sanction is in application of article 110 of the RFEF Disciplinary Code, which determines a fine of up to 301 euros to the organizing club when there are events defined in article 15 of this system and are qualified as minor by the disciplinary body.

The aforementioned article 15 states that when "the order is altered, the physical integrity of the referees, players, technicians or persons in general is impaired or material damage or injury is caused, invasion of the playing field occurs, display symbols or violent, racist, xenophobic or intolerant songs or insults are uttered, or the normal development of the meeting is disturbed, the organizing club will incur responsibility, unless it proves the diligent fulfillment of its obligations and the adoption of the measures of prevention required by sports legislation to avoid such events or mitigate their seriousness ".

In the minutes of the match the Valencian colleague Antonio Mateu Lahoz reflected, in the public section, that "several objects were thrown, without impacting any player, highlighting a black umbrella, being notified by public address system and achieving the desired objective" .

The document did not review the chants directed from the stands against the French striker of Barcelona and exrojiblanco, Antoine Griezmann.

The League denounced yesterday to the Competition Committee and the Anti-Violence Commission these events that were repeated on several occasions during the game, when some 2000 local fans located in the South Tier of South Bottom sang in a choral and coordinated way, for approximately more than 10 seconds , the song "Griezmann die" .

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