Andrey Amador: "Of course I want to go to Ineos"

The Costa Rican speaks clearly in an interview on the Joan Seguidor portal. "It's the order, the reference team, since they entered," he says.

Andrey Amador expressed himself without mincing words in an interview with the Joan Seguidor cycling portal. The Costa Rican, who had renewed in July with the Movistar given his great performance in the first half of the year, saw how his agent, Giuseppe Acquadro, got better conditions for him in Ineos (also took Richard Carapaz there) and changed his preference, in a mess that is being examined by the UCI and that caused the rupture of relations between Eusebio Unzué, responsible for the Spanish squad, and the Italian.

Amador does not hide who wants to become part of the British team. "Of course I want to go to the Ineos, now the situation is uncertain but I need new airs, new goals and objectives," he says. And it falls apart in praise: "Ineos is the order, the reference team, since they entered, from the Sky. They have contributed a great technological leap to this sport and revolutionized the way of doing things. We admire that way of mastering the Tour de France, which is the most difficult race to control. The perfect eight arrive, dominate the situation, do not despair, think of the collective before the corridor, all together, do not step on each other. "

Nor is he sparing at the time of glossating his stage at Movistar, for which he has run for 11 seasons (including the first two, in which the structure was called Caisse d'Epargne): "I keep with love these ten years in Movistar, that will take me forever, but I need a change. Hopefully the situation will clear up shortly. "

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