Alarm in Ineos: "It is difficult for Froome to return to 100%"

Nicolas Portal, sports director of the British team, valued the team's star options in the next Tour, his great goal in 2020.

In Ineos are aware of the current situation of Chris Froome. The high spheres of the British team keep in mind that in his accident from the past Dauphiné, Froomey could lose more than his sports career. Months after dodging a fatal destiny and after two operations, the Briton got back on the bike in search of one of the biggest goals a runner can have: win the Tour de France.

And it would not be an ordinary Tour for Chris, but he would add the fifth to his record and enter a club of authentic elected: Anquetil, Merckx, Hinault and Indurain. That motivation helps you pedal, but it is no guarantee of success. This is what Nicolas Portal, sports director of Ineos, admits in an interview with the French web Cyclism'Actu. "I think Froome will recover, but recover completely, return to 100% as an athlete, it will be difficult. We hope he can, of course, and support him 100%, but what happened to him was very serious and even returned to his bike as it has done in recent weeks is already a huge achievement, "said a Portal that openly expresses the doubts that exist in the team with the performance of Froome in the big appointments because of his accident.

However, the sports director of Ineos says that his pupil has between eyebrow and eyebrow the fifth Tour, and that despite being a company of the highest size he will have his options: "Froomey had bad luck with that fall in Dauphiné. But knowing him a goal will be set, which will be to compete in the 2020 Tour. The best way to recover as quickly as possible is to do it right. You really want to win a fifth Tour to make history. I think you have the time on your part, but it is true that it will be difficult ".

Whatever happens, the one born in Kenya faces this recovery process with optimism and good humor, just as he has reflected with his followers through social networks. With attention to detail, cryotherapy and Ventosaterapia sessions included, Froome expects to return to action in the best physical conditions from next February, at which time he will be back on the bike in competition. Your level? That is for now the million dollar question ...

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