After Messi, it is the turn of the Barça orchestra

As in the year of the trident when he found Neymar and Suarez, the soloist needs the jump of the new ones, De Jong and Griezmann, to fulfill the objectives. The two were with him at the Paris gala.

Every day it is more accepted that Barça is just Messi. A somewhat reductionist statement, but above all risky. Putting the full weight of the club on top of the Argentine has its dangers even though it is capable of almost everything as it showed in the Wanda last Sunday. That Barça plays for, for, and around Messi is evidence. And that the Argentine is doing his job, too. But the soloist cannot monopolize everything. You must leave air for the orchestra. Moreover, he needs it for those collective goals that he claims to achieve. That is why it demands level players every summer, to be well surrounded. The orchestra must also take a step forward. Be heard.

The last triplet of Barça in 2015 had an excellent Messi, capable of scoring 43 goals in LaLiga and deciding with alirón in Calderón. And to play one of the best Champions of his career (ten goals and the big night against Bayern) and score a goal for the memory in the Cup final against Athletic. But it would have been impossible without the nights of Suarez in Paris and Manchester, Neymar's rides against Bayern or his match in the Copa semifinals against Calderón; Iniesta and Rakitic's behavior indoors ... Messi needs partners

Three of them attended the Paris gala, Ter Stegen, De Jong and Griezmann. Of the first, you should have little complaint. This season, the German has already saved the Barça furniture on designated days like Dortmund, Prague or the Wanda. Guessed penalties, impossible stops ... Second best goalkeeper in the world according to the votes of France Football, only behind Allison, is in a moment of fullness. De Jong should be the Rakitic of 2015 in a winning Barça ... A round trip player capable of running for two and working for the artist. It was curious the image of 0-1 against Atlético, with Messi asking for the ball with open arms to accelerate the counterattack. The communication between the two is improving. With Busquets and Rakitic in a certain downward curve, the Dutchman is the definitive piece in the middle of the field.

But the key that can open the doors of glory for Barça this year is in the hands of Griezmann. His photo with Messi on his way back from Paris, with his corresponding phrase ("the Ball of Leo"), comes to join the one he had hung up after the match against Dortmund, also with a message ("important night"), and speaks of a normalization in the relationship if it was ever cold. Griezmann's production so far, beyond his tremendous professionalism and his commitment to the team's group work, has not been enough in scoring terms. Five goals in 18 official matches is little for a player who, in his worst figures of recent years, scored a goal every three or four games. The connection with the French in the match against Dortmund deludes a certain sector of Barcelona. Messi cannot be heard alone, he needs the orchestra to play.

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