A shirt outside the pants gives the victory to the Thunder incredibly

Bell went out to court with the shirt on the outside for a second and Paul chivó the referees, who whistled technique. The Thunder forced the extension with an impossible basket.

"NBA: where amazing happens". This was one of the most famous promotional campaigns of the American Basketball League and tonight the incredible has happened again, although it is not very clear if the play in question would have a place in that sport. After an equal match between two teams that seems to be fighting for the last playoff squares in the West, the Wolves seemed to have the game tied in the final seconds. In the absence of 1.1 they won by two points and Karl-Anthony Towns had two free throws. The first failed, but he still had a second attempt to put the advantage in three and force the Thunder to have to play a triple from his field to go to extra time. That said, thing done

But in the NBA "amazing things happen." Ryan Sunders took Nappier out of Jordan Bell and the player jumped to the court with his shirt outside his pants, which is prohibited by League regulations.

Chris Paul realized and told the referees, who told Bell that he had to put her inside. The player did it, but taking longer than the members considered appropriate, so they called him a delay. It turns out that it was not the first of the game for the Wolves, who had already received another before in the person of Towns. And when two delays call you, the opponent has a free kick due to technical foul. Gallinari got the pitch and left his team to a point.

The ball returned to the opposing personnel line, where Towns had to run his other free. This time he did. Two above for the Wolves and 1.1 in the light. Impossible? Steven Adams and Dennis Schröder themselves shouldn't have thought. The first took out in the background with a quaterback-style pass that traveled through the air the entire court until reaching the opposite area. The second received the ball just in time to leave a tray against the board that sent the game to extra time. By the way Jeff Teague, headline today for the Wiggins low and that ended with 32 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists, he gave up the defense on the German opening the door to the draw.

In the extra time there was no longer history, with the locals on the positive wave of what had just happened, which was more or less a miracle. The three exteriors, Paul (30 + 4 + 7), Gilgeous-Alexander (29 + 5) and Schröder (25) finished off their good work throughout the game and left nothing more Towns exhibition (30 + 5 + 8 ) that he sees how his Wolves are left with a single advantage game over the Thunder, his most immediate pursuer at the moment.

Photos from as.com
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