A not friendly and another lapidary for Alonso and Verstappen

Among the echoes of Ferrari Christmas food are the outright refusal to 'Mad Max' for his accusation of traps and a lighter one on the Asturian.

Ferrari's food echoes continue to carry claims from the Maranello dome regarding the 2021 transfer market, which may be the most active of the decade as it is very possible that all pilots keep their current flyers. Leclerc has a long-term contract with the 'Scuderia', but that of Vettel ends in 2020 and he has been warned that if there is a change of stickers it will be in place, according to "how it fits in the car and what their plans and of Ferrari, "Binotto conveyed. De Hamilton already tried to downplay recent meetings with its president.

The other two names 'top' that will circulate through the 'paddock' during the next season in the form of star signing are Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. The first is the cornerstone of Red Bull Honda, although if the car does not respond to fight for the World Cup, his father has already made it clear that they will look outside. Mercedes is appreciated, and much. In Ferrari? His statement from Austin, saying that the Italians had dropped the level because "they had stopped cheating," would he allow him to run there in the future? Those who witnessed him say that the "no" that responded Camilleri, CEO of Ferrari, "was lapidary" .

As for the Asturian pilot, "we talk about it, but it doesn't fit into our plans anymore," Binotto explains. AS already informed in Hungary that in the perspectives of the team there are not two 'top' riders together, although it is just what they have now with Vettel and Leclerc. The mood of Maranello with Alonso, however, has changed a lot in the last year, from the cold Arrivabene to Binotto, with warm regards and kind cross messages, nothing to do with the forgetting of the previous directive. In the future, everything will depend on the urgencies of Ferrari and its need to win Mercedes. Because Hamilton, for example, does get into those plans if he starts shooting.

However, the Swiss leader clears for now: "The discussions focus on our two current drivers, one because he has a contract and the other because he runs for Ferrari and is the center of our project. Before evaluating other options we will talk to him. Charles it is our investment for the future, there is no doubt about it, and we count on it to be our first asset of the future. And we understand that this can happen quickly. " From the GP of Spain, with the European season ahead, talks, pre-contracts, renovations ... and signings will intensify ...

Photos from as.com
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