Zidane's 'Isco Plan'

The French coach has developed an action program to recover the best Isco, who started in two European Cup finals.

When last March Zidane accepted Florentino's challenge of returning to the Madrid bench, the entity was going from fire to fire. Isco starred in one of the most delicate to turn off. The Malaga player, a fashion player in football in recent years, had been ostracized by Solari. The midfielder began by not playing after the disagreement of both in Eibar, and ended with a file opened by the Argentine coach for having left a concentration in Valdebebas (Ajax day) in his private car, heading to the stadium, instead of doing so on the team bus with the rest of the teammates. It was Isco's reaction to knowing that it was also the discard on that important day (and fateful, because Madrid was eliminated with a blunt 1-4) .

"Isco wants to play, he wants to, so record, nothing." So Zidane was dispatched in the first press conference he gave after returning to the bench, in the previous one before Celta. Half pardon, half cap, and a whole declaration of intentions about a player who had been so important to him in his first stage. So much so, that Arroyo de la Miel was the starter in the 12th and 13th European Cup won for the entity with the Frenchman on the bench. And it was precisely to the detriment of Bale. The file was nothing and normalcy returned for the player.

The start of this campaign is demonstrating, however, that this incident changed Isco's pace in Madrid and, in reality, in Spanish football. There are already two calls in a row in which Roberto Moreno's plans have not entered. With regard to Zidane, the French have developed a plan to try to recover the best Isco. Just when it is more difficult, disputing the position with Kroos and Modric (that of Arroyo de la Miel is the third in discord) because the Valverde and Casemiro couple is now indisputable, the French coach refuses to give up Isco's magic ...

The minutes he gave him in the match against Eibar, with the game resolved, were the best sign that he wants to gradually introduce him to the dynamics of the team. Contrary to what has happened with Mariano, Vinicius, Odriozola or Brahim, when he has been fit, Isco has always been part of the list and has always been on the bench. In Zidane's opinion, that of Arroyo de la Miel must perform well in the center of the field now that he has established himself with the physical power of the Casemiro-Valverde couple. "More liberated in defensive tasks will see the real player," Zidane reasoned with his coaching staff.

Isco arrived in Madrid in the summer of 2013, the same one in which Bale landed. But that of Arroyo de la Miel only cost 28 million. He was 22 years old and a promising future ahead. According to the specialized website Transfermarkt, Isco had its valuation peak in 2018. The market valued it at 80 million euros. Now, the specialized website gives a value of 60 million. Is young. He is still 27 years old and Guardiola is still waiting for him for his project in the City. But in Madrid's plans he has never been selling him. And that the numbers show that Isco's participation has never been definitive in Madrid and that it has been decreasing with the passage of time. Now, Zidane's purpose is to reverse that.

In the program elaborated by Zidane, a lot of importance is given to the calendar that remains from here to the Christmas holidays in which there are important meetings against Valencia, Athletic, two Champions League against Bruges and PSG and the Classic itself. That's where the Madrid coach expects Isco to hit the table.

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