Wu Lei infiltrates

The Espanyol attacker, who returns to Osasuna, encouraged his Chinese supporters in Hungary to cheer on the Ferencváros Stadion despite his absence. And they did it.

Del Ferencváros Stadion to Cornellà-El Prat, passing this Saturday through the Sports City and the crucial match of Women's A against Sporting Huelva (insufficient 0-0), the protagonism of the fans of Espanyol is being absolute this week. But few know that, beyond the nearly 500 parakeets that met on Thursday in Budapest, there was a good group of Chinese supporters who encouraged Pablo Machín's team, unconditionally, even though Wu Lei neither played nor He had even traveled to Hungary, giving him the technical break thinking about today's clash in LaLiga against Osasuna.

Far from disconnecting from that party, the attacker, very active in social networks, took advantage of his popularity in China to publish a video dedicated especially to his Chinese compatriots living in Hungary. He greeted them, apologized for not being able to meet them in Budapest and, most importantly, pushed them to attend Ferencváros Stadion and cheer on their teammates. His followers not only paid attention to him, but to record this he was given another video in which they were seen preparing a banner before the game.

Without leaving social networks, this week Wu Lei has also participated in a popular video game in his country, appearing on a cover dressed in Espanyol and surrounded by samurai, 'wushi' in Chinese. A facet that would be a fable to emulate sportily in front of Osasuna.

Photos from as.com
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