Wolff: "I've never called Vettel, Alonso or Verstappen"

The Mercedes boss says he is happy with his team of pilots: "Hamilton and Bottas are great together and I don't think we can have a better squad."

Truths, lies, half-realities, interested opinions ... In F1, statements should never be taken as truths or as absolute lies. Each sweeps into his box and the words are measured with square and bevel to give the desired revenue. Toto Wolff, Mercedes boss, boasts a couple of pilots and says he would not trade them for another or even talk to anyone. "I think we have the best team. Lewis and Valtteri are great together and I don't think we can have a better team. If things go wrong the first thing to do is talk to the person and see if the problem is solved. If not it's possible, I talk to others, "he said in 'Sky Sports Italia'.

According to the Austrian leader it has not yet been necessary and he wants to make it clear: "The relationship between the drivers and Mercedes is fantastic, so no, I have never called Vettel, Alonso or Verstappen. They are all pilots of a very high level, but it’s important that when you’re in a relationship. I’m sure that if Bottas starts the year well I can win the title because he’s very strong mentally. So far, Lewis is stronger and no one can beat him, but we have chosen two drivers to win the World Cup, not to be Hamilton's second driver ".

Photos from as.com
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