What eight scorers would you choose from the history of LaLiga?

Participate and vote in this game about the top scorers in the history of the league championship. It will not be easy to choose only eight forward!

O we present our third game, which in As, together with Lotteries and State Betting, we launched around number 8. On this occasion, taking advantage of the return of LaLiga, after the break by selections, and that the goal is the most important thing in football, we want to ask you: what eight scorers would you choose from the history of LaLiga?

You can opt for the effectiveness at the first touch of Hugo Sánchez, the fast rides of Ronaldo, the smell of Forlán, the power of Cristiano, the quality of Messi ... We offer you up to eighteen great strikers of the modern era of the championship to choose your favorite eight

Spaniards, Brazilians, Portuguese, Uruguayans, Mexicans, Argentines, Real Madrid, Barça, Atlético, Valencia, Deportivo, Villarreal ... Everyone knows what it is to be the top gunner of the season in our League!

The number of votes will determine which players are among the best scorers in LaLiga. Participate and choose your eight favorites!

* Safe Game. 18+ Play with Responsibility.

* This content sponsored by Lotteries and State Betting has been prepared by Diario As.

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