Villa: "Iniesta is like a bull and still has rope for a while"

The striker passed through "El Larguero" after announcing his retirement on Wednesday. "If you have to group a goal I keep the one in the Champions League final against Manchester United."


David Villa went through the microphones of "El Larguero" after announcing his retirement as a professional footballer in January 2020.

What does he keep

With the love and welcome of the people. They have remembered me with love.

Exit European football ahead of time

I do not believe because at that time I wanted to leave Europe and there was an opportunity to go to New York and I was sure that I did not continue at Atleti that year and be in other leagues. I am glad of that decision because I have lived football in a different way. All the experiences have enriched me that if I had been in Spain I would not have had

Most important goal and with those who stay

When I head frame because it is not my forte, with the midfield. If you have to group one it was in the Champions League final at Wembley against Manchester United. The goal was very beautiful and gave us the peace of mind of 3-1.

The '7' of Spain

He is the one who carries it now. Morata looks fantastic. I have been fortunate to be able to choose that number when Raul left the National Team. I have a lot of love and I feel proud of the matches with the National Team and have shared a generation that made us win titles.


He's like a bull and still has rope for a while.

Renovation the last years

I have always renewed every year. I have not wanted to decide until the end and this year for a few months I was going around with the certainty that it would be the last year.

Leave football before I leave it

People here are a bit surprised that they don't follow. I didn't want to look bad to leave football but to anticipate that situation. The body does not warn.

Title in the Vissel Kobe

There are still things to decide in the league. On December 21 we have the semifinal of the Cup. Hopefully I can put that icing on my career.


For four years I have been working with my partner and representative (Víctor Oñate) and now everything is going to come true from January 1. We have opened academies for children in many parts of the world and now I can attend them with more time. I have been lucky in everything I could learn in my career and pass it on to children.


In Canada, Santo Domingo, Hong Kong, United States. I have had great teammates, clubs and coaches. In his day many people helped me. I want to leave a legacy and help in this way.


Some word of Japanese chattering. We have the help of translators.


Thanks to all the people who have helped me and to participate in a successful career of a professional footballer. Without all these people I would not have been able to achieve what I have achieved

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