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The Uruguayan has gone from not being summoned in the premiere league against Celta to be in the eleven in six the last seven games.

EI Pajarito flies like a hawk. Fede Valverde has become in just two months an essential footballer for Zidane. The Uruguayan has gone from not being summoned in the league debut against Celta and playing only 22 minutes in the first six official matches of the season (he lost two games due to injury after the first FIFA Virus of the course) to beat Modric's pulse , a whole Golden Ball, for being a starter in the play before the PSG. A rise that has left the soap opera Pogba forgotten and that justifies the bet that the club made in summer to stretch its contract two years (until 2025) and put a clause of 750 million euros, the same as other heavyweights of the white template. Valverde, who was not even summoned in the league premiere against Celta, has won with his performances the favor of Zidane until starting in six of the last seven games.

The irruption of the international charrúa, which marked Eibar and Real Sociedad in the last two duels of the League, has deactivated the debate about the need to strengthen the center of the field. The spinal cord was analyzed in preseason as one of the Achilles heels of Madrid. Casemiro, Kroos and Modric had only spare parts for Valverde, and James and Isco, two more offensive players. Pogba was a long and explicit request from Zidane. The French coach, little given to treating their own names, spoke of his countryman already in March, in the previous of his second meeting after returning to the helm of the Madrid dressing room. "I like Pogba very much. I know him personally. He is a different player, he contributes a lot and there are few players who contribute as much as he does," said the coach in an unusual statement of intentions in him.

With the signings closed in June, all the attention of the Madrid market was focused on satisfying Zidane's longing. Pogba pronounced the magic words that were the starting point for galactic like Hazard: "It's time to start a new challenge." United was not willing to negotiate and the high price (figures around 180 M € were handled) discouraged Madrid from fulfilling its coach's wishes. It would be necessary to look for the solution at home

Zidane began with his usual trident of midfielders and, when circumstances pushed him to look for alternatives, he gave James the opportunity to show that, after his departure was thwarted, a place could be made in the team. The French coach saw the light in the Pizjuán: he trusted Valverde to contain the siege of Seville in the last quarter of an hour. Test passed. Something Zidane must have liked, that the next game gave him ownership against Osasuna. He began discreetly and suffered a connated whistle of the Bernabéu when he touched the ball in the play that led to the first goal, but was growing with the passing of the minutes. "He has made a brutal game," Zizou said.

What seemed like an exercise in the minutes distribution policy for unit B turned out to be a fitness test for the derby that Valverde passed with the grade of outstanding. The Charrúa was a starter by surprise in the Wanda Metropolitano in a match of Brega. Since then, the ups and downs of the team have been correlated with the participation of Valverde. Madrid has given four draws this year at the Bernabéu: he did not play against Valladolid, Bruges or Betis and the two goals of the PSG arrived with the charrúa already out of the field of play (in the 76 'he was replaced by Modric still with 1-0 in the marker). The defeat of Mallorca (1-0) saw her from the start on the bench (she left in the 66 'next to Isco by Rodrygo and Jovic) and before she saw the Paris debacle (3-0) from her home due to a muscle injury in the rectum of the left leg. Since the Son Moix fiasco, he has started six of the seven games.

In minutes, Fede Valverde is already the ninth of the most used template by Zidane. Ahead, the seven players that exceed one thousand minutes (Casemiro, Ramos, Benzema, Varane, Courtois, Carvajal and Kroos, all with a participation greater than 75%), and Hazard (982 ', 60.6%). The Belgian is in the middle of a moor until the Uruguayan appears with 754 minutes commanding the squad of those who have not reached half the participation (the charrúa is in 46.5%).

"There are few players who contribute as much as he does. He is a midfielder who knows how to defend, who knows how to attack. He knows how to do everything on the field." It is the description that Zidane made of Pogba in that spring press conference, but he could use it now as a letter of introduction from Valverde.

Fede Valverde is a fixture in the Uruguay team

Valverde has been enshrined in Real Madrid when, with 21 years, he was already consolidated in the Uruguay team. Óscar Tabárez gave him the alternative in 2017 in the last qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup, when he began his assignment in Deportivo. He made his debut against Paraguay. However, he left it out of Russia's appointment, to which the Little Bird would have gone even with 19 years. However, in the lists that have come after the World Cup tournament it has become a fixture. In the Copa América last summer he experienced a progression similar to that of now in Madrid. From playing the last minutes in the first two games to becoming indisputable. He has prolonged that condition in the friendlies of this campaign (he has added 428 minutes) and aims to keep it in the Copa América that Argentina and Colombia will host next summer. Valverde has 2 goals in 20 international matches wearing light blue

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