Verstappen wants Alonso back in Formula 1

The Dutchman believes that the Spaniard is still "one of the best drivers there is" and regrets that he could not fight him with the same weapons.


The duel would have been nice. The great veteran against the great promise, the two-time champion who could have been more and was not against the future champion who has not yet become one. But ... The truth is that Alonso and Verstappen had no chance to face similar cars and that is something they both regret. The Dutchman told him in Italy: “It was a shame not to have been able to fight him because he didn't have a competitive car at the time.” And remember that “if Alonso had a great team today, he would clearly be in the top three in the standings and I would fight for the World Cup. He is still one of the best drivers there is. ” Maybe in the future. Who knows

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