Valverde, in Anfield: "Fuck, when we take it off we create danger, you have to get in there!"

In the seventh chapter of the series 'Matchday' of Rakuten TV shows how the costumes lived the defeats in Liverpool in the Champions League and against Valencia in the Cup, and the role of coach and Messi in both games.


One of the big surprises for many in the 'Matchday' series is the interventionism of Ernesto Valverde in the dressing room. Many believed that it was a coach who liked to live in the background, but he is showing a reactive, didactic, talkative Valverde and even an aggressive point in his expressions with his template.

In the seventh chapter the two most important losses of the season are displayed: Liverpool (4-0) in the return of the Champions League semifinals and Valencia (2-1) in the final of the Cup. The most stellar moment of the chapter It is when they show us how the Anfield game lived during the break when they still had ample room to lose 1-0.

Valverde took over to try to reverse the situation, aware that the team needed a plus to get into the game. However, the speech already began with a bad footing, since Jordi Alba requested the presence of Dr. Ricard Pruna. After a few seconds of uncertainty, the coach could begin his eloquent speech: “We have a problem when they squeeze us and they are centered, we are unable to get it to the sides. You have to go out a little. When we take it off, it's a pass. We have to shake the pressure a little. Every time we take it off we make them dangerous, sure. You have to get in there and you have to be there. Fuck, let's go kids! ”

The players respond to Valverde's speech with a loud applause, while Leo Messi takes over from the coach: “Go on, go on, let's go strong, let's go ahead, you can. Let's not get behind ourselves, the shell, give it. We are going to score. You have to make a goal, make a goal. ” Luis Suárez in the following one to redound on that idea: “We must continue, give them a cane” .

Minutes before the start of the game, Messi himself reminded his teammates of what happened last season in Rome, “that game was only our fault; let's not forget, it was our fault and that of no one else, that the same thing does not happen ”, adding“ we are only one step away, we cannot miss the opportunity, we must leave strong ”. Valverde while the players made pineapple, also continued with its latest indications: "You have to play in your field and make them suffer" .

The images offered by the series after 4-0 and the elimination of Barcelona are an absolute desolation, with the entire costumes in a devastating silence and totally sunk.

Cup Final against Valencia

Curious is also the way that both Valverde and Piqué tried to break the Cup final by turning it 2-0 against. The coach vehemently insisted on the options of getting into the game: “You have to finish the plays because every time we hit the goal you can see that something is going on there. The question is to insist. Two cons have been found and we have gotten them. It is the same, we must continue until the end. It's just a matter of scoring and squeezing. The more fucked up you are, the more you have to push. We have been losing the three previous qualifiers and we have traced them all ”. On the other hand, the Catalan central was more explicit if it fits in its rest arenga: “Va uncles that we are not so far, really. It is a goal and they shit. You have to score a goal, even if it's 70 or 75 we are there. They are going to shit ".

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