United and Celtic pass, Lazio and CSKA remain in the UVI

Surprises, goals at the last moment ..., the fourth day of the second maximum continental competition leaves no one indifferent.

The fourth day of the Europa League begins to clarify the teams that will pack at the end of the group stage and those willing to relieve Chelsea as champion. To consult the rest of the conference and the classification, click here

Group A Dudelange - Sevilla (Chronicle here) APOEL 2-1 Qarabag

The other match of the Sevilla group was marked by the early goal of Medvedev at the exit of a corner in the 10th minute. From there, the Azeri team waited crouched to APOEL knowing the need to win the Cypriots. Andrija Pavlovic in the 35 'marked the tie, but would not rise to the scoreboard for being in an anti-regulatory position.

The Qarabag did not give up and Souza finished off a great Matic corner service to put the boards in the bright Cypriot. When it seemed that it would come like this at the end of the match, Ioannou would score the game back in 88 'after a muddled play. Sevilla secures the first place, while Cypriots and Nasrids will play the classification in the last two days.

BCopenhague GROUP 1-0 Dinamo Kiev

A false start of Bushchan, visiting goalkeeper, in minute 4 was taken advantage of by Jens Stage to put the capitals ahead on the scoreboard after finishing a free ball in the small area. In 15 'it would be Johnsson, the local goalkeeper, who would take center stage by stopping a penalty thrown by Tsygankov.

Dinamo was in control of the ball and dominated the clash through short passes and walls, but without enough verticality to harm a comfortable Copenhagen and who knew himself to be the leader of the group to maintain the result. Comfortable until Vrbic would place a draw from inside the front with a draw that places both sets with 6 points at the head of the group. Everything to be decided.

Lugano 0-0 Malmö

Match without much history played in the Canton Ticino. Despite being both in need of a victory that would bring them closer to the next phase (Malmö) or kept them alive in the competition (Lugano), the fear of losing made the first part go by without notable scares in the areas. That fear was reflected until the final whistle, leaving everything to be decided in the group in the last two days.

GROUP C Basel 2-1 Getafe (Chronicle here) Krasnodar 3-1 Trabzonspor

Flaco favor Getafe who did the Asan by staying the ball in his own goal in the 27 'after a late center, putting ahead a Russian team that rivals Madrid and Basel for qualifying.

Manuel Fernandes put land in the middle in the 35 'after a beautiful heel in the small area after center-shot of Suleymanov. Ignatiev in 93 'would put 3-0 and Nwakaeme in 94' would get the honor for the Turks. In this way, the Russians, knowing that they were superior, limited themselves to controlling the game against a Trabzons, because with this defeat they were definitively eliminated from the competition.


Crazy party lived in Austria. The PSV would be advanced with a penalty transformed by Schwaab in the 5th minute and that put the Dutch in a frank position for the last two days. However, LASK would not give up and turn around the match in a large second part.

Ranftl, first, would take advantage of a bad clearance from the visiting defense to adjust his shot to a short post and put the tie at 56 '. With no time to react, Frieser would pour the second jug of cold water on Van Bommel's men in the 60 'after making blood from a bad save by Zoet, Dutch goalkeeper. Klauss would freeze the Dutch with a double (78 'and 82') that leaves both teams with 7 points, but with better goalaverage for the Austrians.

Rosenborg 0-2 Sporting Portugal

At the other group meeting it was clear that the classification is a matter of three. Coates of strong header in the 16 'and Bruno Fernandes with a play mark of the house in the 38', cut with the right and blunt shot with the left, would kill a game without major history.

Rosenborg says goodbye to the Europa League after four defeats in as many games and Sporting will play his future in the last two days against PSV at home and during his visit to LASK.

GRUPO ELazio 1-2 Celtic

Simone Inzaghi men could not afford a stumble at home to continue fighting for the competition and this was demonstrated with the early riser of both Ciro Immobile after a ball combed by Felipe Caicedo in the 7 '. However, Celtic did not allow local happiness to last forever.

A serious Italian mistake in the ball would end up on the right hand of Forrest that would put the ball far from Strakosha's reach in the 38 '. The Roman team turned to remain with options to qualify, but failed to break the Scottish wall, until another clamorous error in the ball out would take advantage of Ntcham at the last moment (95 ') to break local illusions.

Cluj 1-0 Rennes

The French team knew that they needed to add, and if they were three points better than better, after adding a single point in the first three games. But the lack of aim in some occasions and the good performance of Arlauskis, local goalkeeper, prevented them from opening the scoring before a Cluj crouched back waiting for his opportunity.

That lack of goal ended up taking its toll and Mario Rondón would score a lonely goal in the 87 'that ends the French qualifying options. Rondón himself would be a negative protagonist in the 90 'for an ugly iron that would send him to the showers ahead of time.

FStandard Group Liege 2-1 Eintrach Frankfurt

After the tie at Guimaraes-Arsenal on Wednesday, Belgians and Germans arrived at Maurice Dufrasne eager for a good result, but unable to risk too much, given that a defeat was a hard slab to overcome (especially for a Standard that would have said goodbye to the competition). That was reflected by a first scoring time in which the scoreboard did not move.

In the second part, Vanheusden would rivet a corner in the 56 'to put the joy in the stands, a joy that would last little, since Kostic would masterfully throw a foul from the front in the 65' by the goalkeeper's stick. Half mastery, half bad goalkeeper placement. When no one had the three points, Lestienne hooked a large lateral center in 95 'that puts the group red hot.

Guimaraes 1-1 Arsenal (Chronicle here) GRANO GRUPO 2-0 Oporto

In one of the most equalized groups so far, Scottish and Portuguese demonstrated in the first part the reason for this parity. Without notable occasions in the first 45 minutes, the luster would be put by Steven Gerrard and Sergio Conceiçao on both benches.

All the action would be for the second part in which the Rangers would show greater hit than Porto. Morelos in 69 'and Davis in 73' would sentence the game and leave the Portuguese in a complicated situation.

Feyenoord 1-1 Young Boys

The Dick Advocaat could not afford not to score a victory in the visit of the Swiss Young Boys who came to De Kuip as leaders. Steven Berghuis would be in charge of transforming that need from the penalty spot and making it the first goal of the match in 18 ', a result that would lead to rest.

However, the Seoane did not throw in the towel and would tie the game in the 71 'by means of Spielmann. In this way, co-leaders with 7 points are placed next to the Rangers, for the 4 that accumulate Feyenoord and Porto.

HEspanyol GROUP 6-0 Ludogorets (Chronicle here) Ferencvaros 0-0 CSKA Moscow

While Espanyol wore his European suit in the other group match, Hungarians and Russians struggled to survive. The harder the task for the second, 'thanks' to the three losses accumulated in the first three days. That Muscovite need made Dibusz, a local goalkeeper, the most prominent player on the pitch and a nightmare for a Chalov who only lacked the goal to round off a great game.

Nababkin's expulsion at the discount ended up burying Russian options to keep the European dream alive and he would need a miracle. While the Hungarians rival the Ludogorets for second place in the group led by Espanyol with an iron fist.

IOleksandria GROUP 2-2 St. Etienne

The modest Ukrainian team was presented as the stumbling block to overcome by Claude Puel if they wanted to fight the classification to Wolfsburg and Gent, who fought for the leadership of the group in Germany. A clear demolition of Pankiv to Khazri in the area would be punished by the referee and converted by the '10' Franco-Tunisian in the 24 '. However, the domain belonged to the locals.

Valeri Luchkevych would score the goal of the tie in the 70 ', but would be annulled for being offside. Without time to chew the disappointment, Denis Bounga handed the ball to Mahdi Cámara in 72 'to define with aplomb the one that seemed the same of the sentence. Mirage, given that a heroic Oleksandria would get the equalizer in the last breath of the hand of Bezborodko (84 ') and Zaderaka (92').

Wolfsburg 1-3 Gent

The Volkswagen Arena would host the aforementioned meeting for the leadership and the party would reach the stands in the 20th minute, when Joao Victor hunted a ball in the area to place Glasner's at the top of the table. This is how it came to a break that changed everything.

Those in the beautiful Belgian city got vitaminized in the second 45 minutes and turned the car stadium upside down in 25 minutes. Yaremchuk would score one of the goals of the day in the 50 'with tremendous right, unattainable for Pervan. When the locals tried to retake control of the crash, Depoitre would do the second of certain header at the exit of a corner at 65 'and Ngadeu-Ngadjui would do the same a few minutes later (76').

This result places the Gent with 8 points, ahead of Wolfburg, with 5 and Saint Ettienne and Oleksandria with 3.

GROUP JWolfsberger AC 0-3 Basaksehir

In the clash between the a priori, invited stone group J would be settled with victory of the seconds. And I say a priori as seen in these four days, the Turks add 7 points (first group) and the Austrians 4, keeping very alive their options to pass the round.

The encounter had history until 73 '. Rnic would commit a penalty at the end of a corner and would be sent off because it was his second yellow card. The maximum penalty would make Visca the first goal of a match that would finish annihilating Crivelli with a double in the last minutes (84 'and 87').Borussia M'Gladbach 2-1 Roma

Marcus Thuram installed the euphoria in the local stands in '95 when everyone took the tie for good. Before, Fazio would be the protagonist in both areas. First, the ball would be housed in its own goal in 35 to advance to the German team. However, in 64 'fate did justice with the Argentine, who would finish off a side foul by Kolarov that meant the goal of the tie.

This unexpected final leaves the group tremendously tight and those of Rose and Fonseca, with 5 points both, will have to row hard if they want to see their names in the next round.

KWolves GROUP 1-0 Sl. Bratislava

In another match marked by the discount, Raúl Jiménez would do justice in 92 with an unappealable header that broke an unfair draw apparently in the field. The Slovaks barely disturbed Rui Patricio, while the English came to enjoy a penalty in the 51 'that Rubén Neves could not convert.

The meeting was a monologue of those of Nuno who approach the next phase by accumulating 9 points, for the 4 with which a Slovan remains who is greatly complicated by the pass.

Braga 3-1 Besiktas

Paulinho would be the protagonist in the Municipal Stadium of Braga thanks to his goals in 15 'and 37' that endorsed the Portuguese domain over Besiktas. Boyd would tie the game in 29 ', but after Paulinho's second came the expulsion of Lens in 44' by direct red after an ugly entry into the midfield.

When the local victory was taken for granted, Eduardo would take charge of making the third in 81 'and finally placing Braga at the head of the group with 10 points. Besiktas, meanwhile, says goodbye to the Europa League after not scoring in any of the four games played.

LManchester United GROUP 3-0 Partizán

Convincing story of the Solskjaer men in which they marked all their men from above. Greenwood would open the can in the 22 'with a great definition at the Rashford pass, Martial would extend the advantage in the 33' with a beautiful slalom and Rashford himself would be responsible for closing the game in the 49 'with a beautiful left-handed shot. goal square defended by Stojkovic.

The Red Devils are thus classified for the next round and demonstrate the serious commitment to a competition that brings good memories to the Mancunian parish (they were champions in 2017 by the hand of José Mourinho). With 10 points they lead the group L and complicate the pass of a Partizan who is left with 4 in as many days.

Astana 0-5 AZ Alkmaar

There will be no good memory of Arne Slot's men in the capital of Kazakhstan. If in the first leg they endorsed a result more typical of a game of tennis (6-0), the return has not been left behind. A game with no greater history than the one the Dutch wanted to write. Boadu (29 ') was the first in a first part that, despite the visiting domain, did not presage the gale that would pass through Astana in the second.

Goals came in waves. Midtsjo (52 ') and Idrissi (57') would end the Kazakh resistance, while Chatzidiakos (76 ') and Boadu (77'), again, would close the bulky result. The ones with 0 points and eliminated, the others with 8 and with the eye on Old Trafford.

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