This is how Formula E is presented at the sixth season

Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, starts again a new campaign of the electric championship. We review, with the test data, how the teams and pilots arrive at the appointment.

The time has come. While MotoGP has thrown the curtain and Formula 1 will do the same next week in Abu Dhabi, there are others that do not end, but now start a new season. The sixth of the Formula E, the consolidation of Gen 2, the arrival of two brands of the likes of Mercedes and Porsche, and the one that begins again its journey in Saudi Arabia. He will do it twice, with the first two races (Friday and Saturday at 1:00 p.m.) of the 14 that make up the calendar, and to find out how teams and drivers arrive we review the numbers they left in the preseason of Valencia.

BMW: Gunther and Sims. Within the relative importance that must always be given to the results of some tests, nobody ended up more satisfied than the first of the German brands. Leaders in times with Gunther, who arrives from Dragon, with a 1: 15,087 and in total laps of his pilots with 401. Fast and reliable, they appear in Riyadh in very good form.

Mahindra: D'Ambrosio and Wehrlein. The Indian team maintains alignment with respect to last season with a Wehrlein who finished second in Cheste only 103 thousandths of the best record and with D'Ambrosio somewhat further: closing the Top 10 to 0.264 of his partner. With 303 laps, they also secured a decent mileage.

Dragon: Hartley and Muller. They have made an important quality leap. Used to seeing American cars in mediocre positions last season, they left Ricardo Tormo with Muller third (eight thousandths of being second) and with the third highest number of turns (345). Hartley, exF1 and substitute for Alonso at WEC, was 14th in its premiere.

DS Techeetah: Vergne and Da Costa. They are the real reference after being champions of everything in the most even campaign. Vergne, who got tired of repeating that he did not care about the test times, did not stand out and was 11th, being his new teammate, Da Costa, the fastest team: 4th to two tenths of Gunther. Of course, they were seconds in laps: 346.

Jaguar: Evans and Draft. The British brand, one of the most committed to the championship, goes to more every year and this will also be in the fight, especially with Evans. The New Zealander, one of the three who fought the last title until the end, was fifth in the tests (1: 15.306). Next to him, Calado, who ran with Miguel Molina in WEC.

Nissan: Buemi and Rowland. Although the numbers of Valencia left them in the middle of the group, the French formation must always be taken into account. Buemi, one of the highlights of the grid, continues with Rowland, who left good performances the previous campaign. Both finished in the Top 10, were 6th and 9th, and accumulated 298 laps.

Virgin: Bird and Frijns. The British, who are still betting heavily on the championship by expanding their Silverstone facilities, also sneaked into one of their pilots in the top ten of the tests. Frijns was eighth less than three tenths of Gunther. While Bird stayed 13th. Like seven of the 12 teams, they exceeded 300 laps (319) .

Venturi: Massa and Mortara. With the Monegasque firm begins the list of teams that came out of the tests with the worst feeling if we talk about the times ... because none of their drivers finished in the Top 10. In the case of Venturi, Massa was 12th and Mortara 18th. It is not a great start for a team that needs to step forward this season.

Audi: Di Grassi and Abt. You could say that the situation of Audi in the tests was the strangest of all. The four hoops is one of the most powerful signatures of the contest and, nevertheless, they went unnoticed in preseason. Abt was 16th and Di Grassi 17th, both six tenths of the best. Despite this, hard not to think they will be up.

Porsche: Lotterer and Jani. It is not easy to start from scratch in a competition as close as this one and they noticed. In addition to the typical problems of adaptation, they ended up with Lotterer 19th as their best driver in the time table and, with 273 laps, he was also the third worst team in that record. They will have to climb gradually.

Mercedes: Vandoorne and De Vries. They had a performance similar to the newcomer, but in their case the preparation season they did with HWA was not noticed and they even suffered more problems as evidenced by their 259 turns. A lot of work to do, although they have assured quality with their drivers with the former McLaren and the champion of F2.

NIO: Turvey and Qing Hua. The Chinese team ended up as the red lantern in New York and nothing changed in Cheste. They remain the worst in both speed and reliability. They were the only ones who did not shoot in 1:15, even Qing Hua did not lose 1:17, and added 241 laps. Very slow at all times. Hard to get out of there.

Calendar 2019/20

1. Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 11/22

2. Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 11/23

. Santiago (Chile) 18/01

4. Mexico City 15/02

5. Marrakech (Morocco) 29/02

6. Sanya (China) 21/03

7. Rome (Italy) 04/0

8. Paris (France) 18/0

9. Seoul (South Korea) 03/05

10. Jakarta (Indonesia) 06/06

11. Berlin (Germany) 06/21

12. New York (USA) 11/07

13. London (United Kingdom) 07/25

14. London (United Kingdom) 07/26

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