This is the classification of First and so it would be without the VAR

Barcelona maintains the leadership of LaLiga Santander, tied for points with Madrid, after the 14th day. There was only a VAR intervention this weekend.

Barcelona and Real Madrid maintain their pulse at the top of the LaLiga Santander classification. Both teams add 28 points and with one match less than the other teams. On the 14th day of First there has only been an intervention of video arbitration. He acted to warn Prieto Iglesias that he should repeat the penalty that Masip had stopped Banega because the goalkeeper had come forward. Banega scored the second to give Sevilla three points.

Interventions that have changed the sign of a match

Leganés 0- Osasuna 1 (Without VAR, 1-1)

Alberola Rojas went to the monitor to check Braithwaite's goal, which ended up being canceled because Rosales had a hand. Without the VAR, the Leganés would have added a point.

Levante 2- Villarreal 1 (1-1)

A penalty had to be repeated, which had also been pointed out by the VAR, because Andrés Fernández came forward when Morales went to throw the maximum penalty. Roger scored goal in the repetition.

Villarreal 2- Real Madrid 2 (1-2)

Gerard Moreno's goal was canceled out of play, but from the VAR they said it was legal and went up to the scoreboard.

Betis 1 - Eibar 1 (0-1)

The Linier annulled the goal to Loren out of play, but the VAR ruled that he was online.

Celta 1 - Athletic 0 (0-0)

Celta's only goal had been annulled for offside, but the VAR granted both Aspas as he considered that there was no anti-regulatory position.

Atlético 1 - Valencia 1 (0-1)

The VAR awarded a penalty to Atletico for a hand of Cheryshev within the area. Diego Costa transformed the maximum penalty and gave a point to the rojiblanco set.

Seville 1 - Athletic 1 (1-2)

VAR annulled a goal to Diego Costa for Correa's previous offside.

Real Madrid 0 - Betis 0 (1-0)

Madrid left his locker in wax after the VAR annulled a goal against Hazard for being in an illegal position

Valladolid 0 - Sevilla 1 (0-0)

From the VAR they warn that the penalty that Masip had stopped Banega should be repeated because the goalkeeper was ahead at the time of launch. The Argentine scored the second

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