Thebes: "The Super Cup will cost us € 55 M per season"

He has shown his intention to reach the end to play a game outside of Spain. About the Super Cup, he complains that "it will cost us € 55 M per season".

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, after his presence with Gerard Piqué at the Kosmos Sports Summit, attended the media to discuss current affairs in Spanish football, such as the Classic, the Spanish Super Cup, or the strike in women's football

'Case Miami': "I have read the precautionary measure and the judge does not take away our reason. We will go to trial in February and there the right to play a game outside our borders will be decided. It has not entered the fund of the matter, we are going to keep trying. If we want to continue being at the forefront of world football we have to work a lot with the fans from outside Spain, if we stay with those here we will be the best league in Spain, but tiny. a social responsibility to grow because we generate a lot of jobs through this industry. You have to see what's out. If the NBA or the NFL does it, why not us. The Italian league is also investigating it and possibly having a game outside before us. I'm sure the leagues will end up playing a game outside their borders. But I'm not going to dramatize for not going to play in the United States. Right now it's my eighth priority of the things we have in La League The issue of Saudi Arabia is more important. It can cost us 55 million euros per season because the operator that manages the sport in the Arab world (BeIN) wants to discount us 55 million euros per season because in Arabia they have been hacking the signal and cannot install BeIN operators ".

Carta Madrid and Barça: "Barça wanted to play last year and when there were 48 hours left he said he did not want to enter into a conflict. Now he will have changed his mind about how important it is to play a LaLiga match outside Spain. I am used to it. to think that LaLiga are 42 clubs and there are things that some like and others do not. It's like the Classic schedule. Other years the club has complained and other clubs also complain about other schedules. When Madrid and Barça complain unstoppable media pressure, but I have to abstract from that pressure. I have to decide what is best for all clubs. "

More break from Barça for the Classic: "In the final of the Super Cup, which is a tournament, Madrid will have more rest for the final. These things happen in the championships. We cannot change the whole calendar for a match so that all the rest minutes are the same for all the teams. You can't, it would be a mistake ".

Supercopa: "Playing in Saudi Arabia is not the ideal place both for the issue of human rights and for the piracy we are suffering from that country and the elite European football, behind which is the Government of that country that can cost us tens of millions of euros. We are going to play there with the money they are taking away from us with the television broadcasts. With that money they are financing a tournament that has been sold above the value of the Super Cup ".

Possible change of the Classic's schedule: "I have already told Sergio Ramos the schedule is going to change. Ask Piqué if he is going to change a Davis Cup match, you will see how it does not change. We have to be aware that there are many fans around the world who see us and for them we can have big stars in LaLiga ".

With the support of Madrid, the game would have been played in Miami ?: "I think it is indifferent. We depend on FIFA regulations and obtaining the relevant permits from the RFEF, UEFA, the United States Federation and of CONCACAF, there is no more. If Madrid is good, but also. I would like Madrid to be ".

Female Strike: "We have been 3 years pushing for the growth of women's football. Now the Federation has arrived, with its legitimate interest, and hopefully they can solve the problem. LaLiga has nothing to do with the First Women's. We are in debt in The competition continues to grow.

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