The world press, rendered to Spain: "It was written, or almost ..."

In France they did not doubt the Spanish victory, in Canada they describe Nadal as "intractable" and in England they focus on the figure of Baptist: "Emotional triumph".

"The Davis of Nadal and Baptist". This is how this newspaper titled the incontestable Spanish victory, led by an irreducible manacorí that has only been disarmed this week by the tremendous show of commitment from Castellón. "The hug to Roberto Bautista" were the words chosen by Toni Nadal to head his column of El País. If his nephew gave the merit to his partner above his own: "What he has done is inhuman," the former coach of the phenomenon did the same: "I would like to express my deep admiration and thanks."

El País, in its main chronicle, and El Mundo focused their headlines on a Nadal that has won eight of the eleven games that Spain has scored in its journey in this historic competition, although with a renewed format: "Spain conquers the Davis of Nadal "The first ones titled, for the" Nadal gives Spain his sixth Salad Bowl "of the second

From Catalonia came the definitive "Champions!" del Mundo Deportivo and "Rafa Nadal wins and Spain wins the Davis Cup" of Sport. David Boti, author of the chronicle of the latter, surrendered to world number 1: "It could not be another ... He had another appointment with the history of his sport and did not want to miss it" .

Foreign press

Beyond our borders, the little echo made in Canada of the Cup is surprising, since it does not occupy the cover of any of the main media of the North American country. The Toronto Star explained the end of the story in its headline: "Nadal defeats Shapovalov to give the Davis Cup to Spain", to point out the great truth of what happened in The Magic Box these days in the body of text: "Nadal has intractable state this week. " While Le Journal de Montreal was much more emphatic: "Spain knocks Canada down in the final."

In the neighboring country they assume that the Spanish victory was something that "was written, or almost", in the subtitle that accompanies "Spain takes the title at home" that L'Équipe uses to break down the great victory of Sergi's men Bruguera in front of "the young Canadian guard". On the contrary, Le Parisien individualizes the triumph and recalls the change in format: "Rafael Nadal offers Spain the first edition of the new Davis Cup" .

From Argentina, our rivals in the semifinals, Olé leads with the chronicle of the match: "The Ensaladera is Red", and with the words of Gerard Piqué on Friday: "If Argentina had won, Messi came to Davis." While from the country of Novak Djokovic they surrender to the game deployed by ours: "The Ensaladera stays in Madrid: the Spaniards play the best tennis", slipped the Serbian Novosti.

Finally, from the British Isles and from Germany they do remember the figure of Baptist and the Daily Mail emphasizes their triumph "after having lost their father hours before the final", while using the photo of the hug between them that Toni Nadal stood out in his column. The headline they use: "Nadal seals an emotional victory with Roberto Bautista-Agut in the triumph of Spain over Canada in the Davis Cup final", is similar to that of the BBC, although the latter was more concise: "Nothing seals an emotional triumph of Spain in the Davis Cup. " The Germans focused their analysis on the 'other' story of the final and the Bild Tennis section used a photo of an inconsolable Baptist who read the following: "The sad story behind the triumph of tears."

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