The Pucela measures Sisto

Oscar debuts today in Balaidos and cannot do it with more courage. He has recovered the Danish striker and yesterday he received the good news of Rafinha's medical discharge.


In Vigo you can see the splendid Christmas lights implanted by Caballero. And since then Celtic seems enlightened. He won and convinced in La Cerámica (first home win of 2019), Sisto has resurfaced as the Phoenix, Aspas returns to thrashing ... The celestial have recovered the smile and tonight they intend to take advantage of that joy to put Valladolid in a mess (Watch the game live on They have not been chaining two consecutive wins for fifteen months, but with Oscar in command, everything seems possible. The Catalan technician debuts today in Balaído and cannot do it with more courage. Even above yesterday received the good news of the medical discharge from Rafinha.

The Pucela, meanwhile, faces a hinge match. A victory will catapult the noble side, eight points above the descent, away from the burdens. A defeat, on the other hand, will bring you closer to the mud, being splashed by the troubles of those who begin to feel the heat of hell. They have lost the last two games and have not won out for two months. Optimists will think that the third time is the charm. The pessimists, that there are not two without three. Only one of those two currents can succeed tonight.

Same block. The fact is that Sergio can employ his eleven gala, there is no greater guarantee than having the best. He will repeat the lineup he presented to Sevilla, with the only novelty of Joaquin by San Emeterio in the center of the field. Of course, the entire celestial arsenal will also be in front, with Mina already in full swing to enter the eleven to the detriment of Brais Méndez. The presence of the former Valencianist will be, a priori, the only change that Oscar will present with respect to the team that won at La Cerámica.

Celta has more pressure for its qualifying situation, but Valladolid knows that it is a good time to move away ghosts and live a quiet Christmas. Coal is the worst threat in any house.

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